Ideal Perks and Points for Monsters after Update - Need help!

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some pointers on what perks and point layouts you use for the Monsters, especially Goliath and Behemoth. I’m sure this topic has been brought up quite a few times but I’d like to get better at using the Monsters with all the recent updates for Evolve. I’m mainly a Support player but I’d love to get better at using Monsters. If this topic belongs somewhere else, please move it, I don’t mean to put this in the wrong place.

For Goliath, when I do use him, I usually go 3 Leap Smash, then 3 Fire Breath or 3 Rock Throw at Stage 2. I never use Charge. But I’m not sure which Perk to pick for him.

Well there’s no ‘ideal’ build per se. That’s one of the things I like about this game. :grin: It all sort of depends on your play style. I play lots of Goliath so let me ask, are you sneaky, trying to set up ambushes? Or are you loud and aggressive?

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I’ve tried to be the sneaky type, but the carrion birds usually give me away after the first couple of meats. So I’ve switched to being very aggressive, but I feel like the Hunters can dodge away so easily that I can’t land many of my favorite attacks (usually Leap Smash in particular) if I try to engage at Stage 2. I can usually escape them if needed but when it comes to combat they overwhelm me pretty easily.

All monsters can be played many ways.

For goliath
I usually use move speed, as you spend a lot of time on the ground running, and it massively helps blunt slow effects, but all perks except climb speed, and armor regeneration work.

I like being able to nuke down opponents with a single level 3 ability, leap smash or rock throw at stage one work well if you can land them and melee reliably. I rarely take fire breath, as it’s damage can be easily filled in by melee if you are good at landing them, but it is ok if you want a reliable damage dealer, or against certain defensive comps.

Behemoth and Kraken are much the same, I take my nuke, and I keep pressure on the enemy from healing with proper melee. 2/1 is less risky, but slightly less powerful, and 1/1/1 builds are dangerously weak, being unable to reliably kill no matter how well you combo together.

The disadvantage of playing with 3 point powers is that farming is slower, and taking annoying and small wildlife is less convenient. But the advantage of being able to win fights, and kill larger wildlife are worth too much to me, as being caught ready to evolve, but unable to fight is quite possible a death sentence, while being caught unable to evolve, but able to fight gives you much more room to, persuade, hunters to back off.

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For Goliath I go dmg reduction because my play style is constant pressure.

As for Behemoth you pretty much have to go movement speed unless you want to put yourself at an even bigger disadvantage then you already have by picking Behemoth.

Well, my go-to build when I don’t know the team, don’t know how they play, is 1 Fire Breath 2 Leap Smash. Feeding Speed as the perk. I always try to sneak away at the beginning. And I try to limit myself to larger creatures. Mammoth Birds and Canyon Striders. I only ever eat smaller meats if I’m under a ceiling of some sort. Stay sneaky up until the first Carrion Bird sighting. Once you get birds, just start running.

Try to predict where they will be coming from and go in the opposite direction. If they split and send the Trapper one way, try to pinpoint him and go away from him. Even if you’re going to run into the others, they won’t be able to lock you down. Once you’ve made some distance and broken LOS. I like to start sneaking again, eating if you need more, and looking for a good spot to Evolve in. If they have Hank, Cabot, or Torvald you probably don’t want to do it outside.

At S2 I stack all three in Rock Throw. Now it’s time to get to work. Forget sneaking just go loud, eating and running, avoiding the Trapper, until you have full armor. Then look for a good spot for your first fight. Near some hostile wildlife or places that don’t give them lots of room to roach are ideal locations. Try to bait them towards you by scaring some birds. And hide around a corner or in a bush to see if you can get a pounce on of them. Any free damage is good damage but I prefer the Trapper or the Medic. Hank if they have him but you need to be able to adapt.

In combat you need to pick a target and focus them down. Try to break LOS from the Shield, the medic, whatever. My first target is usually the Trapper. If I can down them right then and there then the dome is down and I can disengage whenever I want. If they’re unavailable, switch to either the Support or the Medic. And through all of this you want to keep the Assault away from you. Turn and smack em away or use an ability on them to keep them off of you.

If you couldn’t down anyone just get out. Don’t overextend yourself trying to eek out that one strike. Probably not going to be worth all the extra health damage. And that is probably one of the biggest pieces of advice I can give. Don’t overreach - don’t be afraid to disengage if the fight isn’t going your way.

If you manage to accrue two strikes on the Trapper, you now essentially control the map, which is a huge advantage in your favor. One well-executed combo and he’s dead. No more dome for 2 minutes.

And don’t go S3 unless you need to. The ideal location of the relay usually gives the Hunters quite an advantage. Keep trying to bait out S2 engagements in good locations.

That’s my typical game as Goliath. :smile: Behemoth is pretty similar just with less emphasis on stealth

Edit: sorry for the wall of text but I feel it prudent to discuss overall strategy when discussing builds. Different builds work for different strategies.

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I really appreciate the help! I will try your strategies to see if I can play that way. Thank you. :smile:

Lemme know if you have any other questions, specific scenarios, etc. that I didn’t cover. That little ‘guide’ is by no means all inclusive. You will need to be able to adapt to changing circumstances and different Hunter comps. Like Laz. He throws a wrench into the works for sure.

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