Idea to make Bucket Viable


So after discussing Bucket with a friend I just happened to come up with what I think is a pretty good way of changing the problems many of us think he suffers from.
So from the convo’s I’ve seen most people seem to blame Buckets UAV as his major downfall. It’s good but it has some massive problems, for instance he has to stand still for the entire process leaving him behind from the group, secondly it seems that his Missile launcher is kinda…Iffy?

My main idea is regarding his UAV, tagging the monster is cool and definitely can help the trapper, which makes sense considering Hank is a pseudo-Medic and Cabot is essentially a second assault. however, as previously mentioned it’s not great, you get left behind and once the monster is found your super late to the party and have little to no involvement. I propose that his UAV is changed pretty significantly but not scrapped. I would have the UAV changed to a ‘scan mode’ in which you change to a first person view just like the UAV but the head is not detatched AND you can actually move. Essentially your entire body becomes the UAV rather than leaving it behind and detatching the head. Meaning you can move around and simply look at the monster to tag it, you can’t fire weapons you just need a line of sight for a number of seconds to get the tag, just like the UAV is now.

Firstly this might seem OP, as Bucket essentially gets a psuedo-dart gun ala Abe. However the time it takes to tag is much longer, and break in line sight reverts the tag to start again and Bucket himself is really quite vulnerable whilst he can’t do damage either. But I feel this will solve the problems of Bucket getting left behind and makes him a very viable support to the trapper, especially someone like Crow or possibly Griffin who couple lose the monster after a cage fight lets say?

Secondly is the missile launcher, it’s kinda cool but a little underpowered. My suggestion is either up the damage or give it a secondary effect such as a MINOR slow effect, nowhere near as good as stasis, or maybe something that disrupts the monster ala Slims spore cloud.

Personally I think his turrets are fine and pretty fun to use. So what do people think? I’d like to hear ideas.


I dunno.

The way I see it, Bucket bathes in His Infinite Holiness and thus is the most powerful character of all, praise be unto him.

Hail Bucket.


No it seems incredibly weak. The only decent thing about he UAV was the ability to find the monster, which it would no longer have. This only allows you to tag a monster and you have placed additional restrictions on it such as a longer tag time. You would be better suited not using it at all. I am all for the idea of straight up replacing the UAV. I am of the opinion that bucket needs to help fight the monster not track the monster, so he either needs to be stat-ed to have higher damage or he needs something other than the UAV for his utility.

Ehh… I am against the idea of primary weapons doing anything other than damage.


I wonder how OP it would be if his UAV didn’t just work as a weaker Abe tracking dart but also/instead tranq’d the Monster so Bucket and his team could catch up to it.

Might be a bad idea but the UAV would become a bit more useful.


Or instead while bucket’s head is flying around he should just be on auto pilot and follow the closest hunter to him


Honestly, his UAV just needs a toggle mode for A.I. control.

Let his head go off without him and scan an area.

Or when he toggles to his UAV, his body follows the nearest hunter. Win win.

Give his Turrets more defense and not break so easily, too.


this idea fails to game mechanics

if bucket remains the last hunter he can just activate his UAV and fly to the other end of the map

also they cant get a AI on the drone because it would be abusive and OP- if the drone flys straight to the monster the hunters would land, place and follow the drone to fast trap the monster in a nasty stage 1 cage (like a OP version of gobi)

there could be a similar AI such as daisy for the drone but the bucket players would rather get upset with a not working UAV

the best idea is that once bucket has activated his drone AI will move his body and stick it to the rest of the hunters


Why does everyone talk about his UAV? There is no problen in this, i even find tihs OP… A good Bucket can track the monster for all the game.

No, the problem are his turrets, just give them more range, and bucket will be better, thats all


By the ‘lower tag time’ I simply meant that buckets UAV takes a few seconds to tag whilst Abe simply has to hit it. I’m not saying increase the tag time I was comparing it to the dart gun which is almost instantaneous. Also the UAV would find the monster, it would just be bucket himself? Bucket in his entirety would become the UAV if you follow me train of thought.
The reason I didn’t want an assault that helps fight the monster is that we have…well 3 of them already. Hank helps Medic, Cabot helps Assault and Sunny is an all rounder, does a little of everything. So why not make Bucket help the last class left of Trapper? I’ve seen many games with random teams in which the trapper is pretty poor and such things can lose games. Having a support that can help the not so competitive trapper players would be good in my opinion, it would balance out all the pseudo-roles of the supports and not simply add another assault buffer.

The point about the missile launcher I can understand, I’d be fine with a semi-large damage buff on the missiles, say 15-20%?


I think you might have misunderstood. Imagine if his UAV doesn’t exist at all. and you could tag a monster simply by looking at it for a certain period of time, such as the UAV does. So he can’t detatch and fly away, his head doesn’t detatch at all and it’s all about regular movement to get a line of sight.


The biggest advantage of the UAV is that it’s faster than the hunters and can cover more ground by being in the air. I think your suggestion would make it worse, and less used.

What’s the feasibility of bucket’s body being bot controlled for movement only whilst using the UAV? It doesn’t attack or cancel the uav, the player still has control over that, but bucket will simply follow the hunters around like the AI already does? Not sure if that is possible though. <.<…


I think he would be great if they just replaced his rockets with another gun. It’s weird that his primary damage dealer weapon is a rocket with 4 shots while everyone else (not Sunny and Cabot) has a consistent damage dealing weapon as their primary at least.


If we are talking about UAV reworkings I think what would be kind of cool is to have it do something similar to a sonar ping. Maybe have it so Bucket’s head sets off pings instead of tossing his head.

Bucket’s Sonar

  • When activated pings area around Bucket for 10* seconds
  • Monster can be found through objects
  • Monster is marked with Buckets current UAV tag (Reusing dem assets)
  • Bucket is epicenter of pings; Bucket moves pings move
  • Pings have a 30*m radius
  • Cooldown maybe about Laz healburst recharge. (Too fast and monster will never escape, too slow it becomes UAV 2.0)


  • Assists Trappers in short range hunting
  • Anti-juking technology
  • Discourages hiding in the dome
  • Keeps Bucket’s Tracking utility he has now, without the drawback of being far behind the team.


  • Buckets pings are audible to monster (even while cloaked)
  • If monster leaves Ping radius, hunters lose tag on monster
  • Unlike Gobi or Dust Tag, Pings only show monster location.
  • Monster Smell is longer range than Pings so avoidance is possible

Basically Bucket trades in his long range scouting for mobility while still serving his role of helping track the monster. Just something I came up with…

*Numbers subject to change just wanted to throw something out there.


I assumed that by a longer tag time you meant relative to before.

Which is no different from not having the UAV in many senses. It doesn’t aid you in finding the monster, it only tags him after you have found him. In the case of it with tracking darts, it would be useless overlap.

If bucket had a passive that gave his team the exact location of the monster 100% of the time with no effort instead of the UAV I don’t think even that would make bucket overpowered. All supports need to help fight the monster. If bucket does not help his team in combat enough, regardless of what tracking assistance he provides he would still be useless. I would prefer his tracking utility get replaced by a combat utility item.


his missiles need faster speed or need to lock on if the laser is on the target when he fires. Currently he needs to be right on top of the monster or standing still and firing slowly at a long range monster. At mid rang in the middle of a fight there is a hell of a lot of missing going on. He absolutely doesn’t compare to the other supports in damage out put from main weapon in the rough and tumble of a fight.


There is little possibility the devs will have the time to go out of their way redeveloping bucket’s kit. The UAV stays, as an awkward early game tracker but a useful midgame option if you tag just before a dome ends. It is unfortunate this ability is redundant in Maggie and Abe teams.

Instead we have to think of tweaks to his other three tools. Examples mentioned before me include:

  • increased turret range (that has already been buffed 10% since release)
  • higher missile launcher damage/speed

Like the other offensive support Cabot, Bucket requires a more proactive play style, specifically in the use of his cloak to hide high priority targets in a dome. Perhaps if his cloak range was increased, he would be able to hide medic/trapper more effectively while he sets up his turret.

This discussion needs the opinion of an experienced bucket as to which if any parts of his toolkit need adjustment. I just feel it is highly unlikely the UAV will change much.


Alright then. Bad idea.


Regular user of Bucket here.

Here is my two cents on what I would like to see…

Firstly I would like to see the speed of his UAV be higher and take half the time of which it is currently to track the monster. Simple and easy solution that requires less time in the UAV and more time to stay with the team.

Secondly, we all know how fragile his turrets are so what I propose is a 5% buff in damage. Since this is an additive buff it be an overall 25% buff in damage when all 5 are active.

Lastly, his turret range is still lacking but more specifically in the vertical range category but this one could just be me. The reason I hesitate with this one is the damage buff I suggest and the upcoming Kraken nerfs and fixes so overall we still have a pretty well rounded support.


I don’t think that you’re mathing right


Keep the uav as is. Just don’t let the monster know that he is tagged. Problem solved