Idea/Question regarding Hunter/Monster DLC


Talking with one of my friends, he came up with a VERY good point. The DLC for Evolve will consist of hunters and monsters that are COMPLETELY optional and no better than the others. Just different play-styles. He gave the comparison of LoL where there are different champions with different play-styles and imagine if they were hypothetically equal and balanced. But LoL has Rotations where you can play some of them for free on a timed scale to see if you enjoy this champion.

Now the question is, will Evolve feature free Hunter/Monster Rotations so people can try out a Hunter to see if they like them. Doesn’t even have to be the same tier of hunters! Just roll the slot machine on them and pick a random DLC Support, Trapper, Assault, Medic, and Monster for people to play for free until the time being. This may encourage people to BUY the hunter if they enjoy them during the free rotation and wish to keep them forever. I don’t know how long they should last (Probably switch it up every 3 weeks or so) before pulling the slot machine down again.

As always, Community, Devs, give me your feedback.


Right now if you don’t purchase any DLC Monsters or Hunters you can still play alongside and against them. This allows you to get a feel for them. On top of that, if you create a Custom Game with bots, you can have the bots play as the new Hunters, and then hot swap over to them in order to play as that for a test spin. I don’t think this is doable in a Custom Game with the Monster, however, if you are queueing up as the monster and get put into a game where someone chose a DLC monster you don’t own, you can play it for that round.


I know you can play alongside them, but for some people that may not be enough. If you can do that hot-swap thing in Custom Games then I guess people can still get the same kick out of it. For monsters however, the decision still stands. Chances of you landing on DLC monsters when the guy left is difficult to pull off.

That partially answers the question, I will admit. The point I wish to show is people being able to try out the Hunter/Monster they want before fully buying them. Some people need the hands-on experience with those playstyles. From the sidelines it may look bad-ass, but when you’re in the pilots seat; they might not like it. And vice versa!


Not sure what to say then. There are only a couple games out there that allow you to ‘test pilot’ DLC before buying it. Most of it is blind picked. I think that this is a very fair way of doing things. The amount of time needed to make a LoL character is VASTLY different then trying to make a Hunter or Monster.


I’ve said before that “free weekend” style gigs would make a lot of sense. Let people have free access to the monster for a limited period to work out if they would like to buy it. I’m all for that.


This could work to. The best thing is that each time a new Monster/Hunter comes out there will be a new wave of people trying it all :slight_smile:


I don’t think the Evolve roster would be big enough for LoL’s system. Something like a free weekend could work though. Every so often making one of the roster (or the whole roster) free for the weekend or perhaps one day to tease people would be nice.


Being allowed to do the practice mode with each monster/hunter on e might help people decide if they want to buy it


This also works! In the end, I wanted the idea of giving people the opportunity to try out new hunters/monsters!

This undoubtedly will increase the sales of DLC. It’s logical for someone to try something, enjoy it, then purchase it!


Would just like to point out that I got that idea from @niaccurshi just up above. Think it would be much better suited to a game with a roster this size but a League style would be nice if we somehow reach the 50 character mark or something.


I wouldn’t think of making MASSIVE amount of hunters free, the idea I had in mind was make one (or two depending on how big the roster gets) hunter from each class free for the time being. But they wont be put in the same tier (IE say the fifth tier comes out, you can have a Assault from the 5’th tier but a Medic from the 6’th and a Support from the 7’th and so on) Monster would be a random single monster for free

In the end, it does seem like a free weekend, but instead of having them for two days its say a week or so.


Yeah, seems alright. I think it’d work with a bigger roster, having 5 of them free for a week and rotating weekly. Right now though spontaneous free weekends are great. Or not so spontaneous for those that may feel robbed if they don’t watch Evolve news, perhaps free characters for the weekend every fortnight :slight_smile:


I like this.
Good to know you guys feel the same!


I got the monster race pack so I’m set for a huge amount of the upcoming DLC but it’d be nice for others to be able to get a feel of what they’re buying.


It sounds like a great idea, and I agree wholeheartedly that it’s all about the differing playstyles. However, they’d have to find the balance of giving people a taste. but leaving them craving more, and giving them a good feel for it. Especially since matches can end in minutes. I think the trial should be about, say, sixty minutes? Let’s them get a good feel for it, but doesn’t sate their appetite. :wink: So sixty in game minutes, and if it expires mid-round, they can play till the end of that round.


This would make the most sense to me.


It would be awesome if you could have a limited timed download of any new hunter/monster…you know how they do for some games where you can demo the thing for free for maybe 12 hours after DLing it? After those hours end, you don’t have it anymore and can decide then if you want to buy…but at least you’d have enough playing time in to know if you really want it.