Idea Of New Monster (know it won't happen)


Name: Tundra
Health High
Defence: Low
Speed: Very Fast
Description: Looks like a Giant tralantula your choice but has 6 legs and scary lol
Button A: Makes You Fly Double A Does A Boost
Attack: Melee Attack Strong
Attack 1: Button X: Extremely Fast Charge Attack
Attack 2: Button Y: Outrage/Gets Very Angry Gains Tons Of Attack
Attack 3: Button LB: Shoots Out Minion Bombs Helps With Your Defence
Attack 4: Button RB: Web Shot: Helps You Get Away

New Monster Idea Made Up

That’s Cute Thnx Man


I’d love to see some kind of arachnid monster - could leave some kind of web trap, to slow hunters down / block their path

I hate spiders. If there’s one thing that sends a chill down my spine its these bleeders! which would make the hunt more intense


Could be cool if they could work it out.

Things that could/would make this monster.

  1. The ability to climb onto ceilings and arch over canyons.
  2. The ability to climb in high trees.

Abilities I’d like to see:

  1. Web: Infest an area with web. This web can act like a slow effect & tremor like griffins sensor spikes. Monster should be able to cover 5 areas with webs, and people KD’d in webs should be harder to revive.
  2. It should definately have a “web yoink” to steal people, and place them in their web trap. This is somewhat over-done now that half the monsters have this… but dang it would be creepy.
  3. It’s heavy melee attacks (bites) should cause poison.
  4. Minion Mines: I love the idea you mentioned, but I feel like they should have a delay… and have enough minions to be a significant hamper.

Cons: (Your concept)
There’s already a high speed monster that’s supposed to charge really fast and make lots of attacks. It’s the Wraith. It even has a decoy minion.
High speed is currently being reduced in the game. It’s being abused to deny hunters the ability to play.

Cons: (My take on your concept)
Most of the maps do not support a “lofty” monster who hangs out.
Being able to vault/arch over terrain isn’t as strong as being able to hide between terrain.
Further map development would be needed to fix/make usable high terrain and trees.


That’s what I thought but forgot to add that in


There’s actually a bookmarked thread with hunter/monster ideas on it. Why not post it there? I figure if it’s bookmarked, it’s gotta have some recognition :smile:


What IS that?