[Idea] New Monster class


I’m sure everyone has their own idea on new classes for monsters along with hunter classes. After seeing the game and looking at how much hype it’s getting, i came up with some ideas for new monster type.

We have the goliath. Mean, fire breathing tank.
The Kraken, a lightning shooting monster from the depths.
My main idea would be a spider.


Arachne, is a saurian-like monster. However, as it’s name suggest, the arachne resembles an arachnid. The Arachne generates radiant acidic fluid in its abdomen and fangs, that deals constant damage overtime. Arachne can also climb/repel using its webbing skill that is placed for mobility which they can also use for traps.

Web string: A skill shot that damages and slows opponents, Hold down to sping the string and shoot one solid string that can be used to pull in a single target. Also used to stuns enemies in place for a brief moment of time.

Poison spray: an area of effect skill that emits radiant poison from Arachnes fangs and or abdomen, applying additional damage overtime. A powerful attack that works best when hunters are too close and are grouped together.

Egg sacs. Arachne summons radiant egg sacs that explode and summons swarms of spiders that attack nearby enemies. Much like the kraken, it deals moderate damage when exploded, but unlike the kraken, it summons more A.I.s to fight to your aid. This can be used multiple times to create a small army of spiders that climb all surfaces reaching your opponent, but fall back if they get too far from your set radius.
When evolved, the spiders gain small increase in health, speed, and damage.

Rush: Arachne charges, dealing damage to enemies in it’s path. Also used for quick escapes



there have been a lot of talk of the next monster being a giant spider so your wish may come true
also I like your idea though the rush ability is just like goliaths charge so it should be different other than that I like your idea :thumbsup:


@plaff activate


i think that there should be a monster that changes its appearance completely when it evolves. you know? change the game up a bit. the hunters think they know what it is they are hunting when BAM stage 2 and now it looks completely different. just looking at a tadpole you wouldnt think it would grow into a toad. its EVOLUTION lol…food for thought.