IDEA: Mode where hunters die permanently

I’d like to see a new gameplay mode where all hunters are selectable by default.
As the Evacuation-style mode progresses, as each hunter character dies, that character is permanently out of the map progression.

Would make things more challenging, with more semi-realistic permanence throughout a round of matches

EDIT 1: meaning it would still be 4v1, but the character that died in each class, would no longer be available for selection. So you lose Abe, you still have Lazarus, Caira

EDIT 2: Normal rules apply in a match, meaning you can still rez fallen players, but if the match ends with a character dead, that character is dead for the remaining matches.

A new match mode could be introduced, similar to Rescue, where you’re able to rescue hunters that have died in prior matches. Whomever you actually save, will then be available for following match gameplay.

EDIT 3: Dropships, if allowed in the match (since they can be disabled in custom matches), would still be valid in this mode. Dropships would bring you back as the character you just died as (just like in current gameplay). Again, as long as you’re ultimately alive by the end of the match, then your character is still available to use in the next match.

In an Evacuation style mode, the total number of matches available would have to be limited to the total number of characters that exist per class. Currently there are 3 hunters per class, so we would only be able to play 3 matches (worst case, assuming a hunter dies in each class per round). As additional hunters are added, additional rounds would be available.

Also, for this mode of gameplay, all hunters would be available regardless of player ranking/unlocks. But your rank would still limit what perks your character has, just like how you’re currently limited when you jump into an on-going game and take over a bot.

@Galgus suggested that monsters should follow a similar death permanence. Here’s my thoughts on that:

I think that could be a good twist, but considering there are multiple monsters (not just a single Kraken, single Wraith, single Goliath, but rather many of each), I think the monster-death twist would need to be something like:

Each round the same monster survives, that monster gets additional perks, such as “automatic level 2 for the next match” or “additional armor”, etc. Evolve currently has the approach that next-match-perks are only for that next match, but I think perks that stack for the monster that continues to survive, would be best.

So then, if I’m playing as Kraken, and I win the first 2 matches, I have 2 stacked perks that I take with me into match 3. But if I die in match 3, I lose all the extra perks I’d gained. I can still spawn as Kraken, but it would be a “fresh” Kraken.

Really, I’d like to take this even further, and add additional levels of evolution. So as the monster survives a match, his current evolution level is maintained, and continued onward in the next match.
The match auto-buff/auto-balance would likely be much more important then, as the monster could become extremely powerful.

If we could carry “experience” across matches (stacking the experience per match), then it would be nice for a Lazarus that has survived 3 matches, to similarly be able to stack 3 perks.

Another variation of this mode has been suggested by @peepeewizard, such that every dropship would bring the next character in the same class. That variation may be best used for a Skirmish-type match, rather than a chained Evacuation match, as you could otherwise go through all of your available characters quite quickly.

In the event that all characters died in a class, then you could either spawn as an Ebonstar merc, or else only spectate.


Would be odd, but also an impossibility.

It quickly becomes a 4v1, then a 3, 2, 1.


Just the character itself, not the class. So you could lose Abe, but still have Lazarus, Caira to choose from, etc for each class.

What if the hunters lose the first three days? They are out of characters and can’t continue?


If they lose first 3 days or only barely manage to win day 2: NOM NOM NOM

I like the idea. If Monster loses the first 3 days the very next day he can only be a minion :smiley:


For this to work, the total avail # hunters per class, would need to = the # of rounds.

So if they add 1 or 2 more levels of hunters per class, then we could do either 4 or 5 rounds, with this approach

This would be an interesting mechanic for hunt where when you respawn get another char. Would solve the resurrection problem too.


You know you’ve been shopping at IKEA too much when you read IDEA as IKEA


You can actually try this out in a custom game… just set the dropship timer to never.

So…would Monsters also die permanently?

Lose one, have to use another?

It would seem that this would be best if the mechanic were mirrored, though I’m not sure how fun it would be.

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This would make Lazarus broken I believe. :x

Sounds like fun but the problem I see is that if a player cant play their fav character or they lost with their main then they’ll probably just rq which would mean whoever joins will have to deal with the missing characters, I could see this being fun in a custom game environment with friends but not as a pub playlist

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Lazarus would still function, you can rez players, but if a round ends with dead characters, those characters are dead for the rest of the matches.

Agreed @Brink, that could be an issue. Perhaps add a harsher penalty for mid-game drop outs :smile:

Also, if TRS were to start tracking players by how many drops they’ve had (if not already), that stat could be used for matchmaking (only match high-occurrence dropouts with one another), or for the host to determine if anyone should be booted prior to match start

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Regarding Lazarus, it would make for an interesting match addition (similar to Rescue), where you can recover & revive dead hunters from a prior match. Whomever you rescue, would then be available for the following matches :smile:

Another problem with the game mode is regarding low level players who only have one character of each class. Would the game mode be locked to them until they have all of the characters? Or would playing just give instant access to characters they haven’t unlocked yet? I may sound like it, but I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, I’m just picking at all the holes I see so you can refine it.

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So when I kill your Laz, does a Val come and join in on the same match or is there just no medic? Or does Laz keep respawning but counts as “dead” for the next game?

If Laz dies and Val joins the same match to replace him, what happens when I kill Val Caira and Laz in the same game? Do they get replaced by an ebonstar merc?

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All hunter characters would be available in this mode, regardless of player ranking.

Re: kill one character, is another of the same class immediately dropped in? (paraphrasing @peepeewizard):

That’s an interesting approach, and would be cool to see for another wrinkle or variant of gameplay. Make it so that every drop from a dropship would need to be the next player up in the same class… I kinda like that, although you’d go through the characters much faster :smile:

My proposal is that the “permanence” of death is only pursuant to completion of the immediate match. So if a character is dead at the time of match end, that character is dead for the following matches.

As dropship timers can be already changed to a different value, even set to never drop in replacements, that existing setting could be used to create matches where no replacements enter the game (if desired). So then if no replacements are allowed, characters that die once in a match (and aren’t rezzed by Lazarus), will then be dead for the following matches.

If dropships are allowed, then if a character is dropped back in and alive prior to match end, they would still be alive for the following match.

But again, I’m quite intrigued by the idea of following drops only providing other characters from the same class. That would at least be a good variation for Skirmish mode.

@peepeewizard, what you point out by killing all characters of the same class in one round, would definitely suggest that multiple-characters-of-same-class scenario would best be kept to a Skirmish mode. And yeah, either replace by Ebonstar merc, or else SOL :smile:

To be even more clear, my proposal here is that when you start with a character at the start of a match (in something similar to Evacuation mode), just like how you currently keep that same character for every drop/respawn, so you would keep that same character for the duration of the same match. But if the match ends while that character is still dead (perhaps no Lazarus on team, or Lazarus is dead, and a dropship hasn’t arrived yet), then the character you were just playing is no longer selectable.

As I mentioned earlier, it would be best to have a mode like this once additional hunters have been added to each class, otherwise worst-case scenario is that we can only have 3 rounds right now (3 hunters per class at moment).

Also, if a Rescue-like mode were added to give you the chance to recover “fallen” characters from prior rounds, that adds those characters back to your roster for the next match.

My thinking is that with a mode like this, it would force a team of hunters to more carefully evaluate whom they’re playing as, and when. Also be more careful to not die, keep teammates alive. It would add a bit more strategy to the class & character selection…

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This sounds awesome. It definately would need to happen with the monsters as well. @Dassem, i think you’ll like this.

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