Idea :Kraken giving a revive to a Goliath


It is just an idea (probably because I’m a terrible artist). But it would be a great piece of fan art that really seems possible in the game.

Just imagine a Kraken has found a dead Goliath and thinks: I am a 100 foot tall defib. So he readies up his lightening strike and aims for the Goliath chest and… BAM! The Kraken has a surprised and startled Goliath that has been brought back to life.

This idea originated when completing a hunt with Laz. He suggested that he should bring the monster back to life. But I thought the Laz device was to small so I thought of the Kraken. So if any one thinks this would be a good idea for a drawing or sculpture go ahead. I’d love to see it come true.


This sounds like something @SledgePainter would like.


I imagine it like that lol.


totally should be a entire new game mode 4 monsters Goliath as assult, Kraken as medic, Wraith as trapper and Behemoth as support have to work together to hunt down a giant evil OP robot


@SledgePainter Please make this happen :sob:


I’ll try to work something up!


OMg yess!!


Aww yea! Sledgepainter whipping up another gorgeous picture! I loved all the others you made, Sledge. They make me very happy.

Can not wait to see this.


Thank you for taking up this idea


It’s no problem but it’ll take a bit of time…I have quite a few images I wanna get to, and this would fit into a new thing I’ve been contemplating doing…comic strips.


I’d be interested in this picture aswell so i’m just leaving a comment here to see it when its ready lol.


Yep cant wait for it ( thank you for considering my idea


Actually, I’d swich em around. Heck, I think each monster is an analogue for a hunter in some way.

Goliath=Hyde: It’s obvious. Both love spraying fire, melting faces, and eating the wildlife. The assault class fits perfectly.

Kraken=Lazarus: AOE, Electicity, Long Range Capabilities. About as close as I could find.

Wraith = Cabot: Wraith has cloak, Support has cloak. In addition, imagine Supernova as acting like the damage amplifier for monsters.

Behemoth = Griffin: Pretty obvious to me, I’m honestly surprised you didn’t think of this. His tounge is a great analogue for a harpoon gun, and he can create his own dome using the stone wall ability!

Someone should make some art of the three as these classes fighting a giant, fire breathing Daisy.


yeah that actually fits better :smile:

the Goliath and Kraken were easy for obvious reasons but Behemoth and Wraith were more tricky
my logic was out of the 2 of them wraith looked more like a hunter/tracker with the Behemoth being my heavy hitting support monster

but your way around/logic with wraith cloak and Behemoth harpoon makes much more sense and yeah I would totally love to see some fan art of this


I love this idea, to be honest.
But… there would have to be enough wildlife (and probably a bigger map than the ones that are currently in the game) to sustain 4+ Monsters in order for each of them to reach Stage 3 (unless they are Stage 3 by default xD)
Has anyone made a thread for this idea yet?


dont think anyones made a thread about it

n the work involved depends how serious or gimmicky they want to be
I’d be happy with some human size stage 2 monsters running around for a gimmick gamemode and very very impressed if they even attempted a gamemode with 4 adult monsters


Imagine fighting either of these giant Robots…

Back to the topic at hand, I wonder if it could work in Defend on the Goliath Minions… then again it would have to be put in any game mode with Minions.


I would Love to have a hunter that could send out a big robot ( or dinobot or something similar) with a limited amount of health or something and have it fight/shoot/attack the monster…


Man that got me thinking, wouldn’t it be badass if one of the future DLC monsters was like part machine part biological somehow?


I think they’d have to take on Mecha Godzilla.