Idea for Wraith nerf


Obviously the Wraith is going to get nerfed whether we like it or not so I had an idea. What if she took extra damage in the supernova? I’m not saying 2x damage, but what about 1.25x damage. It forces Wraiths to be more careful with the supernova spam and it would encourage Hunters to attack if they are not targeted.


Personally I think Supernova is a death sentence for a Wraith. The damage you do doesn’t make up that you attack and move slowly and are easily punished by a good team. Sure, Supernova is good for stomping pubbies, but against good teams Supernova is arguably her worst ability by a good amount.


put this in the megathread it’s blocking front page posts. Seriously.


giver her 2 dashes but 1/2 dash covers more than 1/3 dash when she had 3 on paper this sounds like a buff but 2 dash that hane rcovery time and cover less distance than all 3 dashes at once so she can zip half way across the map


I mean can’t zip half way across the map