Idea for new trapper


I have had this idea in my head for a while now and just want to get it across to developers. The next trapper should have a gun that fires a net that can trap the monster where he stands for a few seconds. I can just imagine it! Would be really cool almost like those things people use to wrap around kangaroos to bring them to a halt. I’m not a character developer but every time iv expressed the idea people seem to think it’s good


So like Web Snare + Abe’s grenades?


Like a Web snare yeah exactly but it’s a huge green net that forces him to stop and melee out of


Ohh, like Cyrax!

That’d have to be a pretty big net gun, but it might work!


Yes!!! That’s exactly what I mean!!


Doesn’t need to be huge sorta along the lines on slims spore gun! That sort of shape. It fires out small and grows as it approaches the monster and boom snared


That would be one heck of a crossover. :tara_knows:


Maybe but I can visualise the character model and gun and the way it works perfectly. And for a support its class ability should be able to clone himself to confuse the monster for a brief time :wink:


True, this one is only the size of a flashlight.


Bro that’s it! You tell me a trapper with that ability wouldn’t be cool as hell!


I’d be lying if I did. :wink:


Seriously dude no way man :joy: it’s a badass idea :laughing: I know it haha man the ideas I have honestly for all classes. I wrote maybe 25 down


If you’ve got full hunter ideas you should post them here!


I love your idea. Too bad, TRS can’t use our ideas :frowning:

But Love it


The idea sucks imo how would the monster be able to escape the net made out of strings that can easily be cut with a claw!?!?



Why can’t they use the ideas?


legally they can’t use our ideas, kinda like stealing

We would have to sign a hand written contract if the want to use our ideas



How does a hunter manage to wash his entire body after Web snare?


Hey I’d sign lol I wouldn’t care


They use daisy to lick them clean