Idea for New Game Mode


I had an idea for a new game mode, how about a Hunters vs Hunters PvP mode?

On Nest Mode the hunters say the eggs weren’t laid by the monster, and so someone created them? What if some hunters met this group of people and were persuaded to fight with them against the hunters?

It can be achieved, I found out that hunters have about 1600 hp, and Markov’s lightening gun does only 1100 dmg after 7 seconds, he’s the assault so other classes damage would be less, thus no one-shot deaths.

There can be different game modes such as your standard TDM, or one team destroy the generator/fuelling station. Maps don’t need to be huge, so The Dam’s electrical fields will close off the rest of the map, making it arena sized. There will be one Elite wildlife perk that spawns on the map (along with the plants/wildlife already in the map) for teams to fight over.

Let me know what you think of the idea.


While it sounds fun, In reality it would be a disaster. Hunters are specifically balanced for fighting monsters, not other hunters. for instance cabot can shoot through walls, assaults have personal sheilds, etc. All these things would be massively unfair and shouldn’t be changed simply to allow one game mode.
P.s. humans didn’t create the eggs, a mysterious matriarch monster that we haven’t seen yet did.


To make it balanced, each team will have one of each class, so no 4 assaults with personal shields, that won’t be a problem, in fact it would either create agro or scare off the team until your assault pops theirs, then you’re back in the fight. It could even force the other team to target a different player like the medic so they cant heal. I’m not sure about the problem with picking the same character though.

As for who created the eggs, where’s your proof it was a mysterious matriarch monster? The game doesn’t tell us who/what made them.


Unfortunately I’m on my phone and cannot link it. But there is dialog with Maggie saying how on Factor there was a rock monster (behemoth) and one that lays eggs. Caira also has dialog where she says the eggs are layed by something they haven’t seen yet. And the post credit message decoded is a distress signal referring to a monster controlling other monsters. The writer for the game, @ Matthew has also confirmed there is a matriarch.


Ok, I apologize. There can be a different back story as to why they are fighting against each other, but it would still be fun to have PvP hunters. So I’m guessing that the matriarch is going to be the new t5 monster?


1.Take something fresh and unique like Evolve
2.put in a concept that is as old as gaming game mode


But seriously, if you want something like that I suggest going on TF2 or even better-Garry’s Mod forums and request it there.

because that’s basically what you ACTUALLY want. New characters to TF2…

also: everyone would play support and assault. HURR IMMA TRAPPER AND IMMA KILL YOU WIV MAH MOBILE ARENA. lol.

…you haven’t thought this through,have you?


Probably not. I suspect it will either star in an upcoming game mode or be a crutch for potential future storyline.
And 1 of every character just leaves medics and trappers having no fun/useless. Like what could Maggie or Val do? Nothing that’s what. Like I said, hunters just aren’t made to battle other hunters current abilities are either too great or just useless.


The medics would be extremely useful for healing the team and Val/Lazarus can place damage multipliers (as well as Lazarus removing strikes). As for Trappers, the only useful players I can think of is Abe/Crow and their slow effects that will work on hunters. Daisy might be useful to revive players, but Griffin would be absolutely useless, unless he can land a harpoon on a fleeing hunter for his team to push in on the kill, same with Maggie.


New dialogue reveals they are being laid by a giant monster.


How about a game mode called overlord where there are six hunters but a stage four monster. It would be probably hard to do correctly but i think it has actuall chances