Idea for monster skins that handicap you


So I know they don’t want to go crazy with the monster skins cause that’ll make it easier for hunters to see them. I don’t actually have a problem with that, I would love being able to choose an albino monster, or a very flashy one, just to make it that much harder to sneak and evade the team.

Bright Yellow Kraken Zapados style :smiley:


I agree…if you’re super awesome as a monster, the skin will not make a difference so…flash it up!


+1 for this. Now you can look stylish and have a large bulls-eye target on your face.


This makes me want custom skins. I’d so put realistic reptile-patterned skins on Goliath. I’m talking things like and

Or have a giant Brawndo or Carl’s Jr logo for a skin! “Why are you wearing that ugly skin? Because they pay me every time I do it, stupid!”


bring in the american boxer goliath! giant boxing gloves equipped!


It would be a very interesting concept.

Another benefit is that the player who will be playing the Monster must voluntarily choose the skin, so there is no complaining from Monsters about it being a hindrance, in contrast to that though you have to expect those people who will be complaining that they want to use the skin but they don’t want it hindering their performance.

So there is a lot to consider when deciding these things.


If skins are kept natural looking I think it would be ok…a bright tiger skin would also work for camo in some instances. A green Kraken would like the venomy areas.