Idea for monster skins: Robotic Evolution


Goliath: Made of black and red metal. When he evolves, he opens up his chassis and makes modifications to himself. Goliath moves about through utilization of springs in it’s legs.

Rock throw: Goliath constructs a cannon from his back to pick up gravel from the ground and aims the cannon at his targets before firing it.

Fire Breath: Goliath opens his mouth, revealing a flame thrower barrel with a flame in front of it. He shoots liquid that catches on fire by passing through the flame.

Leap Smash: Goliath activates it’s spring loaded legs, allowing it to jump and also smash down on it’s enemies.

Charge: Goliath activates jets on it’s back in order to dash forward.

Kraken: Fully black metal with lights scattered around his body and a Tesla core in his chassis. The evolution would be the same as Goliath. Kraken moves about through the use of back mounted turbines.

Lightning Strike: Kraken bends slightly backwards and emits a beam of energy from his chest into the air causing storm clouds to form and a lightning strike to hit.

Banshee mines: Kraken leaves behind black mines with flashing red lights. When a hunter walks by it, it activates and tracks the hunter with jets.

Aftershock: Kraken charges up it’s Tesla core to dangerous levels causing it to disperse electricity into all nearby foes.

Vortex: Kraken opens it’s mouth and fires a kinetic blast of energy at it’s target, knocking it away.

Wraith: Dark red metal with white decals in select areas. It hovers around through maintained jet propulsion. It’s blades are plasma cutter chainsaws. Instead of stealing it’s essence, the Wraith would deconstruct it’s food’s matter through the use of a beam of energy and analyze it’s bio-matter.

Warp Blast: Wraith fires up it’s jets, dashing to a targeted location, opening many ports on it’s body and firing out shrapnel.

Abduction: Wraith dislocates it’s torso from it’s abdomen and fires it at a targeted area, grabbing a hunter and pulling it back towards it’s original position.

Decoy: Wraith sends out a hologram of itself and cloaks by bending the light around it. Firing on the hologram will cause it to flicker red.

Supernove: Wraith charges an area with energy and begins to spin almost uncontrollably simulating it’s attack to that of a buzz-saw.

Thoughts, Hunters?


I think the skin would work but I don’t think they’ll make something that modifies the abilities so extensively. Changing the colors of projectiles I can see but actually changing the way the things come out. It sounds really cool and all but I don’t see it happening.


Those are really, really cool. I can only wish.


I like the idea of Robotic skins but I don’t know about modifying the abiltiies so much. Not really much reason to not just use the ability since many fo them are just the monster using their body


When you said this i was thinking on the skins on Kha’zix and Rek’Sai from LoL

Real Kha’Zix:
Robot skin Kha’zix:

Real Rek’Sai:
Robot Skin Rek’Sai:


Black Metal? wut?!? IM IN /,/


If this would to ever happen i think this would be in the distant future when they cant think up of new monsters and the demand for more… exotic looks in skins is still high


I’d be fine if they just alter the bodies. But if they felt like going all out, I wouldn’t be opposed.


Slap some corpse paint on that Goliath.


Not super keen on the idea, reminds me a lot of Battlecast skins from League. As cool as it might be, I’m not sure it has a place in the kind of atmosphere this game has. Not to rain on your parade :frowning:


Zombie Monsters would also be a cool addition.