Idea for Improvement


Hi there guys, unfortunately i couldn’t get my hands on Evolve so far because i play on Playstation 4 but from watching gameplay I got ideas to improve the game. You should for example be able to tell the difference between the hunters as the Monster a little more. Because when you don’t play against bots it just shows the names. I think adding the class icons would be great. You also shouldn’t be stopped by trees as goliath. Lockig forward to playing it, looks promising.


I think the indicators a pretty clear.

The main focus as a Monster is the Assault as he deals a huge chunk of damage. He also uses a blue lightning AoE weapon which is very easily noticed.

The second focus is the Medic. Medics can heal, but can’t out heal the full burst of a monster. Which is why the Assault is the main focus. The Medic heals with a bright green beam. Which is also easily noticed.


I already hear a bunch of complainers talking about the Kraken needing to be nerfed. Don’t do it. He is powerful, yet considerably weaker than Goliath. I have played against some really good guys and they were able to get around his lightning with very well timed dodging.


Gaming Improvement :

Add a BAN option, I was stuck in a game with 2 noobs(1 monsters and 1hunter friends) who was killing the 3 hunters and just making point to get the bonus of elite skins…(This method should be banned) the game was during more than 1 hour! because of the PAUSE during the match

Control of Daisy when Maggie is down could be nice too, choosing who we revive, or just try to run away :stuck_out_tongue: , she sould take more time and be more slow when passing in water etc when sniffing the monster

With the medic gun always healing even when all is healed ? Sometimes got 3 hunters and the same place and then I have to shot 4 or 5 times before getting the only one who is hurt

I know there’s walls that we can’t climb, but if we could stay climb to the wall without moving could be really an improvement for the gameplay style