Idea for Gas grenades


Okay so hyde uses a modified chem sprayer to create his flamethrower, right?
Well, what if the gas grenades could cause the monster to be dealt even more damage if the flamethrower was used in the gas field?
I have 2 ideas for this

  1. Anything on fire that enters the gas will cause an explosion. If the monster, wildlife, or anything else is on fire and they enter the gas grenade field, then they will cause a tny explosion that does a lot of damage but knocksback the hunters. I see some nice Caira+Hyde combos here.
  2. Have it to where if Hyde’s flamethrower is used in the field, the flames will boost the damage dealt. So you could throw a grenade at the monster, and then run in and deal even more damage than before.
    The grenades do a lot of damage if used right, but I feel they are lacking in use. Mines are great for denying areas for monster, Super soldier boosts rate of fire, the grenades add a little bit of damage. I think on of thes suggestions could really benefit Hyde and make him have more of a strategic side.


I just want a grenade that creates a FOG (like that creature does) that stops monster sight and stops it from smelling hunters !


Your second idea - damage amping - is actually pretty reasonable, and one I’ve been tossing around as a potential way to make the things less irritating. They’re not useless, but they certainly feel it right now…


It sounds cool, If hyde won’t get buffed anymore to his flamethrower :smile:

Damage buff and gas advantage sound like Hyde is gonna be OP


Making it stop sniffing around sounds neat!


I always thought this is how it was intended, and for the most part grenades and flamethrower are already a great combo - especially because Monsters will underestimate the toxic cloud and you can just shred their health bar when they hang around in it. It already kinda feels like the equivalent of a damage amped flamethrower when you get them right in the cloud, but if it adds additional damage to the flamethrower it’s imperceptible.

If they wanna improve Hyde as a character overall (and from what I’ve heard, they do), they really should make grenades more specifically a way to boost flamethrower damage output, like an actual damage amp. Something where in the tutorials it would say: “Toxic Grenades do damage over time as well as amplifying the damage of the flamethrower while used within the cloud.” It would make sense - he always calls them gas or petrol bombs, as if the point was always that they would catch fire.


Remove the movement speed reduction for hunters. Dumb this is the only hunter ability in the game that is detrimental to the team.

They are “poison” grenades correct? So why do they not DoT the monster?

Maybe do direct HP damage?


They do DoT… but only within an AOE, so, they don’t poison the monster (“toxic”) OR amplify flamethrower (“gas/petrol”) - and they should definitely do at least one of those things. They also do a small amount of direct damage when first thrown.


This has to happen, OH THE SYNERGY.


It would also be pretty cool if they amped anything explosive, like rockets from Bucket or Caira’s napalm grenades. Especially if they decide to keep the slow effect - something else needs to synergize.


If anything they should slow the monster and not the hunters. Lets pretend since it’s the future our hunters have an immunity to this type of toxin but the monster does not, there you go explains that.

I understand they only DoT when the monster is in the cloud, I think the monster should take residual damage after leaving the cloud, like when a hunter is pounced by one of the venomhounds.

If anything was to be amp’d by these gas clouds it should only be Hyde’s flamethrower, otherwise people would build around this with their team comps to maximize the effect/dmg and spam the shit out of the grenades…no, please don’t do that.


I know what you meant about the poison DoT, I was agreeing. And I know about the team comp too - that would be awesome. If they were stupid about it the Monster could just get away while they slow-mo walk everywhere, that’s why I said only if they leave the slow effect in. I think they should either be toxic poison gas (ChemTrooper), or actual gas that amplifies fire/explosive damage.


At first I was against the gas grenade in its current form, but I learned to use it and the slow doesn’t bother me anymore. I must say that your suggestions sound sweet but I think it would make the grenade OP.

I have one suggestion- make the grenade slow down the monster as well! Even by 5% would be awesome. I’ve seen a lot of people playing Hyde that actually thought that the grenades slow the monster down- maybe just make it happen and this whole “only item/skill in game that is hurtful to the team”(because it IS true) could finally be put to rest.


Stasis grenade + toxic gas grenade

woo! “Death comes slowly!”


@michigan_ball suggested that they start off doing little damage and then significantly increase in damage over time, since their damage feels a little underwhelming in their current state. I really like this idea so I’m gonna tag some devs to see what they think @MacMan @SlabOMeat @GentlemanSquirl @MrStrategio


@MacMan would know for sure, but I’m pretty sure Hyde’s grenades will be getting a damage boost in the next update.


This is an interesting approach.


I was playing with a few people the other day and someone suggested that the poison grenades should be explosive (fire) grenades. The other players in the lobby agreed. Hyde likes fire, so why not?

The slowing effect really does make him my least favorite assault, as teammates must suffer even if the grenade was used properly. The same goes for Hank’s orbital attack - it can really do a disservice to the team.

I do hope these get remade into something more useful.


oh man, rip defend minions.


I rather like the idea of Hyde’s flamethrower getting boosted by being in/near gas gernades.

Think of it this way: Markov can deny an area with his mines, and as soon as you hear Parnell’s super soldier go out you start running. Hyde’s gas grenades just make you move a little bit to the side. So this way, he makes his own field of death, at the cost of his own speed.