Idea for feature Character updates


I guess many of you have noticed that a monster can easily hide and keep right clicking so he knows where you are and can escape by walking in the other directions (with the proper monster and the swamp skin he could even remain unseen while sitting in bushes).

But if you try to run away from the monster, the only thing that you can use to hide is the invisibility that not every character has, which can sometimes be really frustrating.

I know that the monster is able to smell humans but what if they added an ability for some characters that makes the monster be unable to detect you. Since he is trying to smell the hunters, they should atleast add for the future dlc characters an ability that throws a kind of dust bomb (not too big radius but a proper one so you can atleast run for a while or hide) which disorients the monster so it can’t smell you.

Or if that is not possible atleast give the hunters some crouch / sneak ability.


Don’t see how crouching would affect the monster’s smell lol.