Idea for Evolve


I thought it would be really cool if they added a hunter that was actually a small monster but nowhere near as powerful. It could be trapper class because it can see a trail that leads to the monster. It would also be helpful against monsters you need to find early like Behemoth or Wraith. He or she could have their weapon strapped onto their arm or their back, heck could be both. Anyways just thought that would be really cool and add new ways to play the game. :smile:


Basically Daisy?


The devs have talked about alien life that was smart enough to hold a gun, its not the kind of universe they are out to create , In the universe of evolve we have discovered life but no other dominant species such as humans to earth, so its not in the current planes to make a dominate alien race yet.


Feel like 'ya may be forgetting some people…


The monsters are science experiments gone wrong, they are not natural


Wait, what? Please tell me you’re joking.


Im just following the lore of the game, i didn’t write it i just read it, not joking


Dude, whatever you read from was wrong. No one knows what the lore of the monsters is. We just know that they’re big, smart, and can evolve rapidly. The best we have to go off on is this, and even then a Dev still stated that it didn’t say whether or not THEY were indeed from another dimension. Let me pull up the thread right now, give me one second.

Here we go, @Nick_Sivetz.

Well this is interesting!