Idea for Evolve after characters have been chosen


Just a idea, maybe it was already addressed in which case please delete this.
On the selection screen after all the hunters and monster have been chosen. I would like it, if it doesn’t show the monster for the hunters and like wise for the monster.

Maybe to consider

No. Not knowing what Trapper they have makes a HUGE difference, same with the Hunters knowing monster.


Problem is that the Hunters take one look at the footprint- which is ALWAYS present at the start, before you move- and know. Whereas the Monster has to go to far greater lengths to identify the Hunters. It would be unfair and pointless, really.


Not really. In multiplayer you do get to see who is hunting you a second prior game launch. You wait paitently for that then you know if you need to sneak first or run.

If anything, I’d like it that after the characters have been chosen (monster + Hunters) you see what each other are going as. And only THEN do you choose which buff you want for your character - with the character’s locked in.

Would be a bit more forgiving - for example; if you’re going to pursued by Maggie and Caira, I’d like to be able to take a movement buff over anything else.


Not always present. Only present if they walk a step as they are crouching.


Really? Whenever I start a game as Monster, there’s always a print there, regardless of whether I moved or not. Even so, it’s still far, far easier to ID a Monster than to ID four Hunters.


While I don’t think, and don’t care, that this will happen, I must say I’m often playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in loading screens and what not after I’ve chosen/voted, so I don’t really know what Hunters/Monster I’m playing against. It always kind just comes as a surprise these days… The ability to adapt is pretty important…

One could say… A person’s most important skill… is Evolving to the situation :sunglasses:


No. I like knowing before the game starts if I should leave/if wrath is the monster.


If you leave when its wraith, then you have already lost.

-MultiDavid, The Wraith, 2015 pre-patch.


Ya, not always a print. I’m curious what determines it, but I thin if you stand absolutely still, then enter sneak mode, and then move a full second or two after it doesn’t leave any. Either that or it is a glitch/dependant on map/weather. I know during practices when we aren’t paying attention tot he monster there can be no prints :stuck_out_tongue: Not sure the cause, but I think it’s just being super sneaky at the start.