Idea for Class Specific Jetpacks


So everyone who has played medic has had to deal with the Monster hyperfocusing you at one point and being unable to do anything about it, right? I keep thinking to myself, “if only there was a way for Assault to force the monster to focus them or at least peel the monster off of the medic.” Upon thinking about “how” I had an idea. Jetpack changes.

The four classes have different jetpack designs physically and in the old tutorial, Markov actively said that his was designed to carry someone of his weight. So I was thinking, what if his jetpack was made to be stronger at the cost of using more fuel. Then that led me to think of the other jetpacks.

Assault: Powerful but uses fuel faster. This wouldn’t affect base flying, but they would only have two jet pack dashes or the like. These dashes would go further and if the assault hit’s the monster, it could knock them back. This could be used to peel the monster off of a teammate in the event of a hyperfocus.

Support: The Support jetpacks are all boot/back jets. This could possibly lead to better maneuverability when flying and we could have the support have faster flying with better turning. This can let them stay above the monster and shoot downward. To balance this, maybe reduce the number of dashes?

Medic: The medic jetpacks look like wings (and in Slim’s case, are wings). This makes me think of a better overall maneuverability. We could say that medic dashes use less fuel so they can get more dashes than the other classes, giving them the ability to better get away from a monster. To balance the larger number of dashes, they could be made to not dash as far as the other classes.

Trapper: The trapper jetpacks look the most average, so I was thinking that they could mostly stay how they are, especially given how the trappers are already pretty mobile if using the satellite.

I want to know what people think about this and I hope I wasn’t too long winded.


I agree with this, I love different mechanics for different characters or classes.

With the assault I like how it can have the boost power so Markov can stop complaining about the jetpacks having less power :stuck_out_tongue:

With the Supports I like this idea, and maybe reduce dashes to 3 instead of 4

With the Medics I was actually thinking they would have more fuel

I also agree with the Trappers


It’s a cool idea that I could see being implemented. The only downside is that it might be confusing to players that don’t know about the differences.


The devs once said they considered having different jetpacks for different classes, but decided not to because of the potential confusion from switching between classes. But that was said for Legacy Evolve, so who knows? New meta, new rules.


And how about Rocketeer OLD school style jetpacks where they they spew that beautiful flamethrowing stream from them…

nice 1950’s sci fi look WOULD BE SWEEEEEEET


This is a really cool idea the only issue I can see is introducing this to new players cuz it might pretty confusing unless you played evolve a whole lot.


They did say they experienced with different movementspeeds, with the assualts being slower which ended up not being fun because people either had to wait for the slowest member or wait to let them catch up.

So if the jetpacks have different recharge speeds or power that would likely lead to the same problem.


Well, what I was trying to get at was the power of the dashes directly led to how many charges. An assault would get two or three big charges that would carry the same overall distance as a Medic’s five or six small charges. If you’re using it to move around, it’s all the same speed, but in a dome it gives a medic a better way to fine tune their dodges and allows the assault to stick to the monster.

I get what you’re trying to say though.