Idea for any future assault hunters


Ive had an idea for a new assault. how about a generation 1 bacilik soilder that is part cyborg.

  1. his/her primary weapon would be a drill that is actually part of him/her. this drill would be mechanical and do extremely rapid damage since he/she would have to get so close to the monster.

  2. ability #2: a claw that he/she uses to grab onto the monster. once latched on, he/she rides the monster allowing the monster to take him/her anywhere it goes. this ability would also enable the drill to do health damage instead of armour by drilling into the monsters face. no this would not do extra damage like bullet weapons would.

  3. ability #3 would be acid spit to allow reliable damage like the minigun and assault rifle at range but is hard to hit like the stasis gun. once hit it would do damage over time.

  4. ability #4 would be the personal shield.

what does everyone think?


Be hard to land his weapons on a Kraken or Wraith. Dodged around, avoiding secondary…


Not feeling it. Not enough ranged damage at all for an assault.




Aren’t Markov and Torvald already cyborgs?

Let’s change it up!

How’s this for a female:
One ability will be to push the monster back, to deny it that teammate corpse it so much desires.
The second ability is a massive concentrated light cannon, leaving a weakspot on the monster with a differing size depending on how close the monster was to the cannon.
Final ability can be a grapple hook to pull herself towards the monster, making the monster automatically target her.


Assaults aren’t designed for utility, so the grapple is a no go. Abilities gotta do damage, or buff damage in the case of super soldier.