Idea for a support: Hologram Hunters!


I think it would be awesome for a support to be able to throw up a hologram of someone wherever he points… it would have so much utility for those places where you just can’t commit the trapper to one side or the other, you could fake the monster out into thinking you have the trapper on one side but not on the other side.

It would be sneaky & awesome & amazing!!!

Not sure about the details of how it would work… maybe you could pick which hunter you make a hologram of, and maybe you could control where they spawn as well. They would behave just like an AI hunter but they would not do damage or anything, but they would jetpack & stuff realisticially.

Please oh please make some kind of techy support like that!!


I suggested this a few times. Nobody listened. ;-;


I want this as well…

(And the teleporting hunter. O.o)


I want this too. I designed a Trapper character I never posted who has brain implants granting psionic powers and one of his abilities is a Psychic Chaff (countermeasure) that disrupts in-combat identification & creates illusory Hunters. A Support with a Decoy-like ability would be great too. Anything that creates fake Hunters so the Monster doesn’t know who to attack until he does and it does nothing.


I think it would better used for a medic just because they are ALWAYS the first ones to be attacked.


I have seen this suggested before as well. Definitely think it would be a cool idea, although the implementation of it could be pretty tricky.


I actually want this a slight step in a different direction. How about not holograms; actual clones instead! Support throws down a grenade of sorts with an 8m diameter (Hydes grenade). Anyone who steps in it is instantly copied. The same weapon, same damage, same heal, same Gobi, daisy, etc. You switch weapons? So does the copy. It targets the same target. Potential double heal, damage, boost, etc. Many have told me this would be op. I disagree as there is a vortex, leap smash, rock throw, charge, wall, abduction, and many other ways to render this useless but for a short time, the strategies employed by this could be immeasurable.