My idea is called the Armor Shredder. What you do is charge it up and on the side of the gun it says stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3. As you charge it up, the bar for the Stages Lights up. You charge it up for a couple of seconds and the bar reaches stage 1. If you fire it at Stage 1, at a Stage 1 monster, One Bar of armor gets shredded. If you fire it at Stage 1 at a Stage 2 Monster, only 1/2 of the bar get shredded. If you fire it at a Stage 3 monster, 1/4 gets shredded. Now if you fire the gun when its Charged up at Stage 2, firing at a Stage 1 monster shreds 1 1/2 armor off. Stage 2 at a Stage 2= 1 bar Stage 2 at a Stage 3 monster= 1/2 bar Stage 3 at a Stage 1 monster = 2 bars Stage 3 at a Stage 2 Monster= 1 1/2 Stage 3 at a Stage 3 Monster= 1 Bar ------- Makes Sense???

ONLY Shreds armor and not Health ------ For Support class------- Primary Weapon

It probably is a confusing but bad idea but HEY WHY NOT.

Stage 1 Charge up time = 5 seconds

Stage 2 Charge up time = 9 seconds

Stage 3 Charge up time = 13 seconds

Time is rewarding

it wouldn’t be utilized all the time defeating its purpose so it would make sense if it started shredding if a certain amount of damage is being done

I see

My idea is terrible right??

Maybe a Recharge period half as long as the Orbital Strike

only a little

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HAHA :relaxed:

The other Support weapons do prettymuch the same damage, but faster, and punish missing less, and can do it to health too. :stuck_out_tongue:

3 heat-seeking rockets, longish cooldown, chunks off armour. Then you swap to secondary/special, and assist team? ^.^

Compound bow! Compound bow!


I really want another Lazarus, as in a stealth based, high-risk-high-reward character.


I love Laz for the risk/reward gameplay. :stuck_out_tongue: You mess up one time, even a tiny bit, gg. You don’t, gg…Your way. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s amazing. Really, really risky and so not advisable for comp play but fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t know anymore.
From what I can tell most “competitive” players are actually only average, if not below.
I see people who claim they play monster competitively say that monsters are too weak and I see people complain that whenever the hunters lose they are just bad. And the other way around.

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Lazarus actually is viable in anything but the final, although still a bit risky.


I would play him in comps if I could get below 250 MS for once…

How about a support that can place bouncy platform(s) (5) for hunters to spring up into the air. Primary can be a chargeable cannon that rewards accuracy. Weird glove can reload hunters class abilities. Balance as seen fit.

Please no.
Imagine having a dome recharge that fast.

Well if its calculated by secs needed to reload, then the beam could potentially not even reload the whole ability. But i see what you’re saying.

I still don’t understand why Hank has the orbital strike. Thats everything the assault class needs

I mean, he’s an Orbital Miner.

Kinda OP though you know. Put fast reload and them BOOM!

As a monster player its pretty easy to bait and dodge. And you should learn these habits (This is what evolve is about) Hank players usually like to use it when a monster puts pressure on medic or Hank. With the being said, i have been hurt pretty bad by it when my jump gets blocked, but it was my fault.