Idea for a new monster :D


I would love to see if turtle rock could pull off a blind monster that sees via sound and scent only :open_mouth: Maybe a bat like creature or a mole :smiley:



I was thinking of one that could be more of a chameleon. something that could blend in with its environment. Not like invisibility with the wraith, but adaptive camouflage. or a monster that could transform or morph into objects like a large rock or a large animal like the sloth for a short time. i think the second one is a bad idea bout the other one could be ok


Swear I’ve seen someone want one like this. And then linked- what was it? Gears of War or something? Some blind brute or something, some form of boss fight. They had to get it to come outside by smashing through doors, and then dropped lasers on it’s head.


I think a type of tactical camouflage could be an interesting concept. that if the monster stayed still long enough he would blend in with the environment and even daisy couldnt find him would be an awesome defensive ability.


defensive ability definitely. like hiding in plain sight! like a perfect troll monster without the troll damage. just thinking of that monster looking like a chameleon blending in the trees or the snow makes me chuckle. but considering this, the only thing that could be very problomatic is abe’s tracking darts, gobi, or even cabot’s dust tagging.


There would have to be counters to it obviously… It cant just be free get out of trouble move. ThougH I think that if he camouflaged at a certain distance the tag could make him look like another animal same with gobi.


I had an idea for a plant-like monster. It’s “traversal” ability would blend it in with the flora, with one of its skills being to suck health from living creatures (doing so wouldn’t count as feeding, give armor, or add to the Evolve gauge; it also would ruin any buffs if used on an albino), with the amount restored being how much it took from the captured Hunter/wildlife, and an ability to spawn/improve/regenerate carnivorus plants around itself.


Its all about a sand gator monster. Traversal is to go underground. ( can still be shot though and slowed) and the attack would be a vertical dive bite to snag any airborne hunters lurking above.

sandstorm ability would be like hydes stink bomb but with bigger radius and slows hunters and make spotting the monster more difficult.

Quake a major aoe attack that damages hunters on the ground and slows them briefly.

Quicksand ability a DoT attack that lets the crock spray cement over the land witg sand eels in it to slow down and damage pursuing hunters

A shed armor ability that uses all remaining armor to increase speed and damage significantly. Duration based on armor sacraficed as well. When armor isnt present 5% health may be used each time.

and when it sneaks allow it to camouflage into the environment its in front of.


how about they make the monsters less powerfull? 90 out of 100 matches the monsters win so then it’s 100% sure they are overpowered. you want new monsters while the others are too strong? you know the behemot is about 15-20 dollar so lets see how many monsters you buy… for 2 monsters you have a new game (or almost)


Which monsters do you see as to powerful? At stage 3 i can understand, but stage 1 and 2 almost all the monsters seem on par with hunters.


keep on rolling attacks, but duhh losers need to use spam attacks to win
a good player with the monster is stage 3 in 5 minutes and very hard to find, that’s the problem.
2nd problem matchmaking… level 40 monster vs level 6 hunter, then next problem is the respect for low levels to help them practice (offline practice is hard to so) if you see a monster die too easy on stage 1 it’s a boring match, why not allow it to escape… i trapped the hunters 3 times then the monster became stage 3 then it became excited… he even almost won the match.
you know if the match goes 1 way only it’s boring, walk around for 15 minutes then die in 1 minute only is stupid or the hunters killing a monster without experience, then you feel good? you beat up noobs doesn’t make you a winner but a loser.


btw what about jetpack vs rolling attacks? i could dodge 1 time but then it roll back while my jetpack was empty. then it’s fair? no all attacks even repeated should be able to dodge if not it feels like cheating.


The jetpacks are pretty useless once the monsters lock onto but your teammates should be compensating your lack of mobility. If your being attack the monster should be gettijg flanked at all angles.
you the trapper getting hit, hank in the flank left should have u sheilded while assualt flank center and medic spam healing on flank right. It shoulf flow like a merry-go-round lol. Easier said then done ofc and when u got a damage only team like cabot,slim, griffin or maggie? And whatever assault its hard to get proper protection.


this is an idea feed guys, not a complaint corner about rookies and ranked matches