Idea for a New Map


I know @Insane_521 said something about how the future of maps in Evolve would either be to adjust existing maps again, or go ahead and make a whole new map.

If they do make a new map, I would like to see a mountain area. Half snowy, half cave system like the broken hill areas. Highest point in shear, relay at the top of the mountain, instead of birds you have batrays that highlight the monster when scared. Play with verticality a bit, but not a lot or the monster is op.

If we see a new map I would love something snowy, because distillery is my favorite, and something with caves, because broken hill had a lot of promise. A mountain is the most exciting idea I could think of.


I’m still hoping for a true snow map


Still want an indoor map, where the Monster only has crates and colonists to eat.
Mmmm… Colonists.


Uhh… I’m 90% sure that Batrays are the birds on the ground that you can walk Into.

But hey, there’s always that 10%.