Idea for a better Evolve Community Tournament

After the last Evolve Community Tournament most people had a bad feeling about it.

I have an idea about an other “Tournament”:

Divide us all in two groupes (red and blue or something like this) and then give us a gamemod like hunt 2.0 where only red hunter play against blue monster and blue hunter against red monster (you can also use the rank from hunt 2.0 to have fair matches. But don’t give points for the tournament games so the rage is low!)

After one Week (or one weekend) the team with most wins will get a skin. The whole team. So half of the community will win and in the next week cards get new mixed and you can drop in another team. You could do Challanges like: what team throw more domes, makes more dmg and all that.


I second this motion! this would be considered “even” and balanced. unless the rng gods put all the esl members on blue team…RIP

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I don’t know about offering a skin. It’s not something that everyone has a shot at winning. I would love to win that skin, but I don’t have a team and I’m not a very good monster.

but you don’t have to play monster if you don’t want to :slight_smile: you are free to choose what you want to play.

and not everyone can win so maybe your team will win next week

i really support this idea, it makes the tournament more a group thing and more interesting to me :wink:

if 12 teams sign up, they could make 4 groups… every team has to play against the other monsters and the group with most wins will get the skin :wink:


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Did you read my post? It says I don’t have a team. And I’m a terrible monster. So obviously I wouldn’t monster.

yeah but in “my mode” you don’t need a team. you can play “randoms” and do the best you can for your side (red or blue) and even if you would lose all games you still have a chance to win when your whole groupe is better than the other groupe