Idea: Custom Game Revamp


Custom games are awesome. But I feel the options are a wee bit… scarce. Here are some of my suggestions to make it more customizable.

More Evacuation Perks
Right now you can set things like Phantoms, Clear Skies, or Teleporters for a more interesting match. But you can only have one at a time. Not saying we should be able to choose all, but I’d love the option to set two or three instead of the one.

Sliders, not 3 Choices
We can set the difficulty to favor either monsters or hunters or standard, set wildlife to normal , low, and high, and change the respawn timer to standard, low, lower. It’s not very usefull because we don’t really know how much it affects it. I think it should be a slider with much greater options. Want a monster than one shots hunters? Or Vice Versa? Or a monster that takes 50 minutes at stage 3 to kill daisy? Some more options like that would be awesome.

More Options in General
People keep complaining about wanting x feature or y feature in the base hunt mode, why not add it here? Options like:
-Carrion Bird Spawn rate
-Do footprints appear?
-Wildlife Difficulty
-Individual Wildlife Spawn rate (No Blitzleopards, Only Blitzleopards, ect.)

  • Multiple Starter Perks
  • How Strong are Wildlife Buffs (Health regen is 1 health point per hour, jump height is 90000000x)

Customizable Loadout
This is something that I would LOVE if you added. Simply put, everyone and their mother wants 2 monster players at once, but the devs have stated it’s too difficult to balance/defeats 4v1. So why not just make it a custom match only thing, so people can just have fun with it while not complaining about balance! How many monsters, how many hunters? Maybe you can have 6 Lazarus or 9 Maggies.