Idea: 2nd skills set for each monster


Since we have 4 hunters for each type that can mix up 256 variety. But monster have only 4 types that can spend just 9 skill point at stage 3. So I think they should have some more skill to combine and make it more variety and much more different play style. You can now chose 1 from 2 in each skill.

Ex: goliath : you can now build him as sharpshooter or real close fighter.

  1. rock throw / rock roll : like behemoth roll but with rock
  2. flamethrower / fire aura : Goliath now have flame aura that burn everything around him.


  1. rock wall / rock skin : forget about hole in the wall now he could build free armor for a short period of time.

Kraken : make him a new comet battle style that focus on attack from the sky.


  1. decoy / skin molt : wraith teleport to target location and leave decoy at using place that have 1 single attack to hunter then disappear. also gain invisible for a period of time.


Your ideas are really fun!!! I do wish monsters had more variety/extra move choices. I totally pictured a Goliath bowling a boulder into some hunters, that would be so fun. Very easy to dodge though I bet. I could see the Behemoth stone skin move implemented some how, that would be a cool ability to just gain armor. Maybe full armor in exchange for a bar of health?


It would be nice if monsters had more choice for skills but i think the hunters need that predictability in order to stand a chance.


I had an idea like one of those fore goliath with his fire breath except if you held on to the button he would release a giant fire ball


i’d love to see the monster appearance different between each the skill he picked also.


Id like a version of vortex that’s actually a vortex-- like, a stationary gravity well that pulls hunters towards it but does no damage

Then again… That may be just too badass…


I can hear the screams of burning hunters already…

They’re yelling why?!?!


I always imagined Goliath having a new move called Rage.
It would give him a big increase in melee damage but would make him slower in his attack speed.
He would be a true brawler.


We can call it…Supernova…


Supernova, for the Goliath. :wink:
My version would have the effects follow the Goliath (so no limit on where you can go) and it would make your attacks slower, but more damaging.


It sounds like I would need to buy some more controllers cause I’d be snapping them in half in my rage caused by this haha


From which perspective?
If monster, I would be concerned.
If hunter…good. :wink:


Definitely hunter! Now, if this was an AOE thing that the assault could also benefit from to balance it a bit, all for it!


How would assault benefit from a monster attack?
You make no sense. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great ideas already especially that rock armor


Think of it like a huge release of hormones in the area and the assault (or any hunter, for that matter) benefits from it. Yea, monster can do hella high damage with melees, but assault gets a damage buff if in the area. Just creates that tradeoff. Would also incentivize hunters to be in the area, making them susceptible to melee hits, since it would also make Goliath super slow. Just an idea


Found the avid hunter player :stuck_out_tongue: . Sometimes monster attacks just need to benefit the monster


Caught me :smile: . I’m just brainstorming. I’m sick of seeing people complain about things or write off others ideas without offering a counter example.


Okay, I can add a counter example. I think it should be a focus attack, like you activate it and the next hunter you attack is covered in the pheromones or something. Damage is increased by like 75% or something for a duration of 10 seconds but only for melee attacks (this means that an assault with a shield couldn’t be taken down by a pheromone attack the a level 3 rock throw).


How about this.
When you use this ability, you are basically forced to get near a hunter.
That leaves 3 other people to get away and deal damage.
Why would an assault get better cause of hormones anyways?
I never even said hormones! (I imagined the Goliath setting it’s fists on fire)
Wait a second, Markov is always stage 3. O_O