I'd welcome a TF2-esque microtransaction system


I wouldn’t say it would need to be available at launch, but I’d certainly find at least buying different costumes for hunters, and maybe even different skins for monsters.


It will be available since “Weapon Skins” pack is already for purchase at GameStop.


I don’t really care about hats I definitely DEFINITELY DEFINITELY do not want to see this game go the route of TF2 with guns.

I do however want map makers…lots of map makers.

If you can figure out a sorta system where you take your cut from community made maps, and give map makers a fair cut in some sorta workshop-like system, I will definitely be happy.


I would recommend looking into CS:GO’s workshop system. You have access to every dev tool about mapping or making skins or stickers, so you can work on your own project, present it in the community market, and the ones with the best rating will most likely get into the game officially and can be bought by players. The creator will get his own project for free in-game and gets paid a percentage of the income valve generates with his project.

In this fashion, Valve released multiple collections of community made skins. The whole market is growing so big, that in the last time, there are more community made things coming out, than dev made ones.


Don’t believe Evolve will go to Modding and such.


You never know :wink:


I personally hope it goes with a more classic DLC system. While microtransactions are good and fine, Evolve is a game I’d like to own use of all the content without annihilating my wallet. While in games like TF2 and LoL they work fine, I feel it would be healthier for evolve to have more accessible content.


As long as items can be crafted with relative ease then I’m ok with a TF2-style system. Since Evolve is $60 it better be easier to craft stuff than in TF2. However, if it’s like the system in CSGO then hell no. Drops are too rare, favor competitive players, and I’m not aware of a crafting system to help players get the items they actually want rather than junk.

Unfortunately, you are probably correct. :frowning: Publishers hate modding.


Except Valve, since that’s how they make money…