I'd really like to see a free roam mode


First off, having played the alpha, I can say the game is awesome. Can’t wait to see full release.

While playing I found myself wishing I could explore some and really check out the map. But I think a “free roam” mode could be more beneficial than just a scenic tour through the map. You could:

  • Toggle wildlife off/on (for various reasons sort of gone through below)

  • Play as the monster so you can really get a feel for how they move/flow through the map. If there’s wildlife around you can practice evolving and trying the various perks. This would allow people to be a little more comfortable with monsters prior to jumping into MP.

  • Should you chose to explore as a hunter you can test drive all of their weapons/abilities…getting yourself more acclimated to what suits your style and seeing how the wildlife reacts to weapons.

  • And if you’re map exploring, familiarity also breeds confidence when rolling into MP.

Anyways, I think it would be fun to just stroll the the environments on my own. What are your thoughts? Any other benefits to a free roam mode?

Poll: Would you like to see FREE ROAM mode?
Roam mode for Monsters (and Hunters... if you must =])
Who else wants an exploration mode?
Theatre [photo] mode

Free roaming shear sounds like a dangerously fun time. A sandbox-esque exploration mode would be a great way for the monster to have some no pressure kind of fun.


That sounds like a good idea! Are the maps pretty big?


I want to answer this, but I feel it could be a little bit out of bounds of the NDA. :frowning: I’ll just say it’s all around pretty damn awesome.


Yeah that’s true. Pretty damn awesome sounds good :slight_smile:


I think a free-roam mode would be great. I’m always a big fan of offline “training” type modes in games. It helps get you acclimated to how the game works without screwing up someone else’s game by not playing your role.


This sounds like a great idea, even to just familarize yourself with classes and abilities, if not to just tool around and explore.


I really like this idea.


Seriously agreed.

In fact, I think an open-world based on this would be awesome.


Great idea. This would really be good for competitive teams to be able to jump in and talk/establish strats too.


Didn’t even think about it being a tool for bringing friends in to discuss strategies as well. That would be very cool for teams that want to compete at the highest levels. Good call! :smiley:


I like this idea


free roam it sounds like custom game mode in Call Of Duty. It would still be the same as all said. Lol just different name. :stuck_out_tongue:



someone tag MacMan ( they may or may not be his name ) im not sure how to do it


That sounds like a great idea!!! 1+


I think it’s @MacMan :smiley:


Yup. That’s a fair suggestion. I could see some people jumping in to mess around a bit. Maybe we can support that in the custom games mode.

Theatre [photo] mode

Thanks for hopping in Chris! Hopefully if you guys could do it it’d be something easy to accomplish. I know I’d use the hell out of it to familiarize myself with my surroundings/characters/monsters.

My first go at the monster had me petrified of being an idiot that would get smoked relatively quickly…that’s when I thought of this for all of the noobs. Lol


Free Roaming would be awesome! Though I’m not sure if that’s what the devs were originally going for.


In the full game you can play against Hunter bots and you can set the difficulty level, which shouldn’t be as scary.