I'd pay more than $60 for Evolve


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I don’t think I’d be unhappy having played the Alpha if this game was an “expensive” one, because it’s clear now that its value is going to be crazy good. For all of the things that still need tweaking that people talk about (legitimate and crazy alike) I’m feeling a complete void where the Alpha used to sit.

Loading time aside, I think I must have played only (since I know others managed at least twice as many games as I did!) 10-12 hours, and I don’t think I really did more than scratch the surface of this game. 3 characters and one monster left to unlock, and that’s without the 3rd tier to come, and without exploring the new game modes.

As long as the community is here and playing I can feel that this is one of those games that I’ll likely be ploughing hundreds of hours of gameplay in to over 2015-2016, and with that in mind $60 is a pittance in terms of value.

Keep up the good work and enjoy the success that this weekend must have been in the end, as long as the final product remains as good as the experience of this last weekend then I’ll be buying the DLC that you put out for Evolve regardless of if I ever come to use it.

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I’d pay OVER 9000!


This would actually be the first game I would buy a season pass without doubting it’s value


There’s nothing wrong with buying the game at full price, but honestly, i’m not spending 60 bucks for a game, i never do. I’ll buy it used on amazon.uk for 30-40 euro.


The guys made Left 4 Dead! Does more need to be said??

My favv game of all time was Left 4 Dead! It still is! But I hope this game will put it as 2:nd and that I am feeling certain of!


I’ve been waiting for a solid multiplayer experience since L4D1, singleplayer games have started to bore me, AI has become predictable and Story can be easily watched through silent letsplays.


idk, bcuz i was playing as that mark guy n his lightning rocket launcher SUKKKKKD it has NO range!!! i like that u can no scope but u have to get so close n theres NO melee??? so i tried sniper class and headshots do like no dmg just make circles on monster n the green cloud u can make is useless so wuts the point??? if im gonna pay $60 i want a REAL sniper class and a none of these weak classes that barely even have guns! the girl with the dog has a grenade but evry time i throw it nothing happens??? and half the time we end up getting stuck in some big forcefield for like 5 mins while the monster gets 2 eat for free?? i honestly just dont get this game at all.

my money is going to advanced warfare hands down


Indeed! If there will come a season pass to this game I will buy it as soon as I could!


It’s totally worth full price. This game has more content than most big titles - if there is a season pass, I’d grab it in a second.


Exactly! Not really fond of season passes though for the other games.


This game isn’t really for run and gun FPS players, not really your fault.


funfact is that evolve should have been published in october. it is always good when dev´s can take this extra time to polish their game and not go bancrupt… but oh boy is that a long wait


Yeah the only one I bought was BF3 Premium…never again.


His lightning gun is supposed to have a very short range so that you need to get close to the monster. You need teamwork! Like hank shielding you while you are in there doing the heavy dmg you’re supposed to as Assault. Also Val standing in the back healing you. Teamwork hell yeah! <3


Being on public transport was not the best time to be laughing at this. Good lord


I do appreciate your kind helping of what seemed a confused and misguided youth but you may cease any teeth clenching and rest assured that all of that was completely sarcastic.


you know that he is just trolling right? lol :smiley:


Also : [quote=“JuiceFan1998, post:7, topic:23232”]
and half the time we end up getting stuck in some big forcefield for like 5 mins while the monster gets 2 eat for free??

^^ but honestly that would be every CoD kid’s thoughts :smiley:


In reference to the actual topic though I completely agree and would gladly pay more money than a normal game. I completely avoid DELUXE DIGITAL COLLECTORS crap but if they had like an 80 dollar option and threw in some soudntrack or concept art or whatever I’d buy that.

This is literally the coolest and most unique game developments and I’ve gotten to be somehwat part of or witness to. The fact that I have been directly conversing with the guys that are making this game I’m so obsessed with for months is beyond cool. If kickstarter/greenlight games can ask for a 90 dollar beta type price to help support the development then I’d be fine with the same option (not meaning for earlier access).

Beyond some Valve titles I’ve just never been so trusting and supportive of the team behind a game before and would gladly pay some extra to keep them generating the same quality content and community involvement.

NOT WORTH MY MONEY is such a childish thing to say. I give a waiter an extra 5-10 bucks all the time for being a great person, I don’t see why $20 is such a big deal when you believe in a thing so strongly.

Evolve's Pricing - Is it too pricy for the PC gamer crowd?

Yes exactly,
i hope they announce a limited edition or something
if not we just wait for the Game of the Year Edition, right guys? :smiley: