Id like to see my teams performance


Are there any other hunters out there who think adding a chart that shows the other three hunters’ performance (damage done/ healing/ revives / monsters tagged, etc) would add a lot of depth and useful data to each game?
While I can usually tell who is doing their job, it would be great if this data were recorded and displayed after each match.


This is something we’ve talked about internally. It would require an overhaul of our post-round screens, but it’s not impossible. Stay tuned.


Thank you for responding. Sounds great.


This needs more attention. Give us a Select option to view all team data graph. I’m tired of people complaining about pulling their weight but with a stats graph, stats don’t lie.


One thing I really enjoyed was/is the map that shows everyone running around at the end of the game. Evac mode doesn’t have this map, so I don’t get to see it often. I wish they put that in there too :kissing_smiling_eyes:


agreed, please, we need a performance chart bad to embarrass the moronic medic players who think they are elite snipers or meat head assaults challenge every wildlife they came across and get killed. must have on chart -> damage dealt, healing done, tracking effort etc.

and please a kill cam highlight on last strike on “hunter” or “monsters”


True and it could be used not to point fingers but in a positive way like to help others improve


Slow mo kill cam would be cool too


Wouldn’t like to see this, it’s obvious to see who is doing there job properly without looking at data. Are you going to compare that data to someone else’s performance in a different match in completely different circumstances?

It’s just inviting more people to nerd rage, which is incredibly frustrating.


I like the idea but as with any game, it will open up the doors for people who are complete jerks, toxic folks and negativity that makes others who are learning not want to play/try. It would be need but we certainly don’t need it. For every bit of good it does there will probably be 2 people who use it to be awful over voice comms to their teammates.


I’d like to know how is the medal of honor at the end of evacuation determined, because sometimes people with no clue whatsoever get it.


yeah i would also like to know this!! @Matthew can you light us up on this topic??


If it could be used constructively, but let’s be honest. Most people who want something like this want to do it in order to point fingers more than they already are. It’s definitely not necessary, if someone isn’t doing their job you usually already know it.


Yes, that is exactly what I’m worried about. It will definitely, not even possibly, be used to hurl negativity.


We were talking about this last night with my group. One of our people got the Medal of Honor at the end and it was for Griffin, someone he only played once (the first round). He was only the trapper once out of those 5 games and he gets the Medal of Honor lol… Makes no sense at all.


To everyone saying it will lead to harassment of bad players:

From what I’ve experienced so far, I don’t think the Evolve community would act outrageously towards people who are either new, or just screwed up. Yes, there would be words of encouragement because everyone wants to win, but that’s the same as any co-op game.

If you are the reason my team is losing, why shouldn’t that be made clear so that it can be improved upon?

Also, it would be more of a tool to give depth to each match; give each individual game more of an identity, rather than just mindlessly grinding away mastery.



I don’t know, once I hit the last few levels, people started being real assholes, for lack of a better word. Just not nice in general. If they were to have the info of your badery, the people I’ve had the displeasure of playing with would definitely use it against you. However, I think it’s still nice information to have.

Keep in mind this is a pvp game where everyone wants to win.


We want to give players the tools to become better teammates.

We could just say “Here’s how much Val healed,” and everyone on the team can see it and everyone can give Val’s player grief because she didn’t heal “enough” whatever that means.

But that would, I think, create a lot of friction between players. I think we can do better.

What we’ve talked about a little internally–and I want to emphasize there’s no plan yet to do this, we’re still designing–is rewarding people explicitly for “teamwork.”

That’s trickier but talking to some of the best players here, I think it’s possible to codify “teamwork.” What kind of things does Abe do, when he’s being a good teammate?

If you feel like you can answer that question–and I bet you probably can–then you start to see how the system will work.

Reward players who are good teammates, call out that reward to everyone, show everyone what they did, and now everyone has the tools to become better teammates.

This is also a system that fails gracefully, which we like. If, for instance, the meta changes and people stop playing a certain hero a certain way, foiling our Teamwork system, nothing bad happens. The game doesn’t change. You just see a certain reward less often.


sounds complicated.
So out individual achievements/statistics won’t be as obvious?
Lesser hunters won’t know when they’ve been carried to a win?


I like the sound of that! :+1:

However. Even though I can see certain ways this would apply… For instance whenever I see a teammate down, I cloak and get them up if ever possible as support, that’s really what I SHOULD be doing, not exactly something deserving of a reward. Same when someone gets trapped in a plant or a tyrant chomps them out of the water. I have to do these things in order to win. And people playing well doesn’t mean they aren’t dicks, and in which case they definitely don’t deserve rewards.

This sort of reminds me of League of Legends attempt at the ‘Honor System’ in which players would give each other little thumbs up at the end of the game. But in the end, the system was ultimately useless and meaningless, and Toxicity remains as high as the moon in that game.

To create an environment in which players are kind to one another, there must be a purpose… although it might sound somewhat evil, for someone to be kind to another, almost always they need a reason to do so, something that benefits them. Human’s are often greedy, and so if we, and by we I mean you and the developers, appeal to this greed and bend it into good… perhaps there is a way.

For instance, at the end of each round, players could reward another player a Token. Obviously, this Token would be given to someone you found helpful, kind, or just down right badass taking on the monster solo and winning (hah, as if), or even to a monster that you thought was just amazing in it’s abilities… This Token could the be used (in a larger quantity) to purchase… something. I’m not sure where to go with that, but if players could obtain something with this Token, it would give them a reason to be kind, helpful, and work together well. Obviously this token would have to be limited per day, or restricting friends from giving them to each other, but that’s all other stuff to consider.

I still want that map thingy at the end of Evac rounds though :kissing_smiling_eyes: could even be where players give one another the Tokens!