Ice Monster [POLL]


Would you prefer an ice Monster to be it’s own unique thing or an adaptation of Behemoth?

  • New Monster
  • Behemoth Adaptation

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I actually choose to not want an ice monster at all.


Ive wanted a frost behemoth for far too long. Theres so many ways that theme would just “fit” his kit. Lava bomb being an Ice Bomb that produced a slowing field, Fissure becoming a “frost nova”, Rock wall becoming a super slick un-climbable “ice wall”, too many possibilities.


Behemoth adaption is already in the works, so I don’t know how relevant this would be, so Imma vote for “new Monster”.

I do also feel compelled to mention that both of the current Monster adaptions have kept their basic ‘element’. MG has fire, EK has lightning. Only makes sense for Phantom Wraith to be a sneaky snake like release-era Wraith. As such, I can only assume that Bob adaption will remain similar to how he is now.

Unless @Insane_521 wants to spoil something for us, of course. I’m sure none of us would mind having some of that sweet, juicy info.


Devs have been teasing all kinds of chilling and cold references for a few weeks now. Barring some new map variant, I’m pretty sure Frosty Bob confirmed :slight_smile:


I have seen none of this.


I must see.


I can’t be arsed to do the searching, but just search for chilling, ice, icing etc in dev posts - and ofc dev streams (though not so easy to search there.)

Here is just one of them:
(in the original post it says icing but quotes don’t carry over format it seems)


I can strongly relate lol

But thank you for the tip. Will look into it.

Only ended up finding a couple. I didn’t scroll that far down through the dev tracker, but I want a real tease. Something that at least lightly rustles jimmies when we don’t know the rest of it.


Well it’s more that cold and chilling have been kind of a recurring theme on streams and forums for a few weeks now. Kinda being dropped into the conversation without real relevance to the conversation on streams etc. There isn’t one instance of any of them mentioned ice or cold in terms of adaptations, just things like saying october will be cold, talking about how chilling deepest dark feels and on and on.

It’s the total sum of tease that is interesting :slight_smile: If they outright said ICE ADAPTION it wouldn’t be a tease any more :slight_smile:


I’m not talking full admittance here. Only like a tease of a few pixels of an ability. Or a couple of his eyes/part of his face. SOMETHING to make us want to know more, then zip their mouths shut.

Like the first week or so Gorgon was teased, I loved it. Waiting and getting hints and sly teases from the devs was fun. Of course, it was awful after the second and third weeks of no release and perpetual tease. But the point is that they know how to tease, and do it well, but they’re not doing it right now and I want them to.


It’s possible that they got burned a bit from the monster month of Gorgon, where he kept getting delayed. I’m betting they don’t want to tease too much until they know when Bob and New Bob are actually ready.


Hopefully they’ve been doing small things for this adaption already so that it will be released sooner. I’ve been waiting for another monster adaption for god knows how long now :frowning:

I won’t mind if the adaption turns out to be an ice variation but it’d be nice to have a whole new monster that is ice related.


Yeah, I suppose that’s fair enough. Although they (Cory) HAVE been teasing October pretty hard, so that’s when I’m calling it for.


I don’t see why ice behemoth means we can’t have an ice other monster?


I’ve wanted an ice-based monster for a long time, and was really hoping the teases for Gorgon (i.e. chilling) meant we were getting one.

I wouldn’t be disappointed if Behemoth becomes the ice monster, but I do want to see a monster with an entirely new design based on ice/cold.


Unlikely any work has been done thus far. Monster content has been neglected for well over half a year.

Glaciar Behemoth

Seems monster adaptations retain their original elements, so I picked new but I don’t see a “new” monster anytime soon. I’d be good either way.


New monster, a dragon preferrably.


I’d love a new monster, I really do, but the theme fits Bob so well that I’d rather have that.


Well, we won’t have a new monster in the next months and maybe ever. I always wanted an ice monster. Of course I would prefer a brand-new monster - but that’s irrelevant of it being an ice monster or not.
I always hoped for Snowball Bob adaption and it seems my prayers have been heard. So, hell yeah, ice Bob!

The thought of Bob leaving a trail of snow alone is making me excited. And that’s probably the least awesome thing they could do. :smiley: