Ice Based Monster Ideas


How many people want an ice based monster? How many people have ideas or better yet designs of these monsters? Now show me what you’ve got.


Bon Chance



Nice what’s next


I want an ice based monster


Yes! I’d love to see a monster who skates, shoots icicles, throws snowballs, has frozen breath, etc.

If there is a freezing ability in a game, I almost always take it. Something about shattering frozen enemies that’s just so satisfying.


I hope we’ll see that with Bob adaptation.


That would be cool, but I would prefer a ash, or plant monster.

Off topic sorta: I would like a monster to create a giant fog around it. I think it would be cool to experience from a hunters perspective. Plus it would help a monster cause confusion.

Ice monster… would probably have the same abilities as goliath, lol.

Perhaps it vaporizes in a bright white light and former into ice. So it could slow down hunters instead of continuing damage.

From what Im thinking, it’s very much like the theme fire and ice.

So this is more like an adaptation for Goliath.

The monster could be like a sand man. Forming stuff but I would much prefer a sand monster instead of an ice monster.


Alright I’ll make topics based on your ideas.


Ragnarok- ice based digging monster, body is covered in large scales that allow to move underground! when sneaking it goes underground but can still be shot cause spikes can be seen! Has large claws for tearing into flesh!

It’ll be a brawler type monster, when pouncing on prey he jumps up from underground an shreds with his large claws

Permafrost- when underground can freeze hunters legs to the ground great for making a quick getaway.

Ice spikes- vibrates his scales to thow them at the hunters, this is the heavy damage dealer.

Frostbite- causes a blizzard with one blow of his breath and temporarily freezes the hunters.

Rage- eyes glow bright blue when enraged an can quickly use his massive claws to rip his enemies apart last 20 seconds at stage 3!


but they might not do t4


Wow, nice idea! Did you draw the picture yourself? If you did, really good drawing :grinning:


Yeah I did drawing is one of my favorite hobbies especially drawing monsters


A water/ice type monster certainly would fill a niche.

This is a work in progress monster idea, kind of hard to tell, but it is a trilaterally symmetric avian based creature. It has three forelimbs and three hind limbs, though the third forelimb is difficult to make out.

I’m not really sure about names though Harpy would fit well.

As for play style I think that one that incorporates knocking hunters around and isolating them from the group would be cool.

Traversal wise I think it would have a penguin slide like dash where it freezes the ground underneath and ahead of it to rabidly close distance, hunters caught in it will take a little bit of damage and be knocked back. Sliding off a ledge provides great distance as well.

Geyser: the monster ejects a burst of highly pressurized water at a target knocking it back and causing moderate damage.

icicle eject: water condenses and freezes along the arm spikes of the monster and are then thrown at a hunter, all three forearms throw a spike that impacts the same spot. Upon impact there is an explosion that knocks back hunters caught in it.

frostbite: the monster spews super cooled air slowing hunters and draining jetpack fuel of bringing flying hunters to the ground. Frost bite creates an area of effect that damages hunters over time that are withing its radius

avalanche: the monster spends a moment or two gathering moisture and freezing it then charges in a straight line and is unable to turn, however it will go up walls, dealing significant damage and knocking back hunters caught in it.


I still feel like this would be the variation for Behemoth. Lava Bomb would be replaced with an Ice Bomb that does initial damage while slowing the hunters while they are in the pool. Tongue Grab would probably be the same; can’t think of much with it. Rock Wall would become Glacier; basically the same thing but clear so that the fellow hunters can see their compatriots demise. Fissure would become Drift; instead of tossing hunters upward it tossed them to the side and does the same temporary slow down as Ice Bomb. I wanna see a Behemoth with completely black skin but with clear armor.


Oh there are going to do it.

We’ve already seen the hints anyways

Rock Wall: On fire

Lava Bomb: Has an aura around it instead of splash damage


A yeti? Something similar to "Blizard"from that old school 2D fighter Primal Rage.


Behemoth variation can be an ice monster

Fissure can freeze hunters
Lava to throw snow

Break wall can be ice mountain


A Glacier behemoth seems legit. Lava bomb could become an ice bomb that deals less damage but leaves a slowing field at the site of impact. Fissure could create a patch of ice spikes that deal damage over time to hunters who stand in it. Tongue grab could turn into an ice speak, dealing a moderate amount of damage to a single hunter but doesn’t pull them in. And rock wall would become a glacier wall that could be taken down quicker with fire based weapons. Behemoths stubby fingers could be made sharper with ice and it’s rocky body armour made transparent to show blue skin underneath with an icy aura around it.


I think that is for a bob rework, not necessarily for a bob adaptation.