I would wait for an All-mic team


Evolve is heavily communications based, with mics being a primary method of doing so. I have played many games where I was the only one on the team with a mic. So, other than pings, I have no idea what people are doing or why that Maggie is looping around separate from everyone else. Did she see something or is she just new?

I would absolutely wait in a queue for people with mics, rather than play on a silent, non-communicative team. Anyone else?


Well it might be a good idea to have a small box to tick like “I want to play with people using voice communication” that way you know what kind of people you’re working with.


I’d love to do this, but if I did this I would never get a game because 80% of people do not have mics on…


Lots of people here with mics. Make friends.


I’m on Xbox Live and I rarely see anyone with a mic. I’ve made some friends with the few who did, but people are rarely on to play at the same time, so we still end up with 1-2 randoms who don’t talk and play like shit. All it takes is one bad hunter for the team to fall apart. Now that monster players have a general idea of what they are doing, I never see hunter teams winning anymore.


GT Commando Wraith. I got about 30 people who are playing the beta on and off. I will be on tonight and most of tomorrow.


I may give it one more chance. I’m just about ready to cancel my preorder, so hopefully you can show me why I shouldn’t. Thank you.

I still worry that most people will be turned off from this game because of how hard it is to play as the hunters and how much it requires good teammates (who are hard to find).


Seeing how it’s the last day of the beta, I’m not sure how useful making friends is now.
I mean, I’d love to play a few more games tonight with voice chat on but I always feel like finding a team takes a while and with only a few hours of gameplay left for me (work all day) it might be a waste.

After release, I’ll definitely try to find a group of regular players with voice communication.


Well it’s good to have people for the games release. This is a good welcoming community. Most of whom have mics.


You can add me. Im about to get off tonight (its almost 4am here) and I wont be able to play anymore today before time is up. However, I do plan on prepurchasing, so I’ll be there then!



i couldn’t agree more! I backed out of at least 10 matches in a row last night. There were so many games with no mics that I’m questioning if there was a xbox live comm problem or if everyone was in party chat (extremely possible). I love the game when i have a team talking, otherwise it’s just frustrating and gets stale real quick.

Is there anyway to force hunters out of party chat if they are not in a custom game??


I started a thread proposing this, and it was met with all sorts of complaints from people who would rather be shooting the shit with their brahs than speaking to their teammates in game…