I would really love it if there's : Vote to Forfeit


For those sad moments where as a hunter you’re stuck in a losing scenario with bots or simply you team bugs out or when you have a teammate that is griefing the team, maybe even for times as a monster where you get screwed up by who knows what the game wants to throw at you.


I’m for this but only after a certain amount of time like 7:30/10:00 minutes of match


Yes this is something that should be considered. My worry is how will it hold against players who FT3, but I guess it won’t be an issue in the future with TU9.


I’m not sold on the idea. Most games out there do not have a “vote to surrender” option. It seems that the only real genre to have that is MOBA.


Which is another reason I really enjoy Smite. If my team knows we’re going to lose, we surrender. We know when we’ve lost.


No, No, No, No, No,

This is an archaic concept that ultimately ruins the online experience. People will concede matches, denying their team members of that “HUGE COMEBACK”. I used to be a huge fan of it, but since i’ve been playing games, almost exclusively without this utility.

“We know we lost” is never confirmed, and you could have possibly won the match. You can win a game as hunter or Monster by having some great Stage 3 fights.


Vote to Forfeit is a crutch mechanic implemented by games that know that their matches cannot turn 180 degrees once one side earns a strong advantage.

The way I see it, Evolve is, despite all its problems, not that kind of game. You can do extremely well with the Monster yet still lose in the end because you suck at relay fights.
You can do an awesome job as the Hunters but still lose in an ambush gone sour.

Evolve doesn’t stray all that far from good balance in the full duration of a match. There’s so many games out there where you might as well give up after the first 5 minutes didn’t go as planned, but in Evolve that’s never the case - either side can still win no matter what.

Which is why I gotta say no, I think Vote to Forfeit is a bad idea. I’d rather TRS just keeps doing their best to balance every character and Hunt itself so that no one would ever even think they don’t have a chance at winning anymore at any point of the match.


There’s a point in which we know defeat. Monster hits stage there with no health loss and we all have 2 strikes? That’s a situation we’d love to say GG no re.

To bring a counter claim to my statement, there is this:


The only way I could approve of this, is if it would work when someone gets a game breaking bug.

This whole disconnect thing… Sorry, but as a monster I’m not responsible for your team mates and their connection; and you’re not responsible for mine. If you’re a smart player, you’ll play with people you know, or you’ll add people to your friend list when you start a match with randoms; that way if someone disconnects, you can invite them back. You not adding someone to your Steam is not a reason to forfeit a match.

As for adding a timer to these things… Really? I can get my Gorgon glitched during the very first dome, which usually happens within 2 to 3 minutes. Hunters can get stuck on the airship, even during the first 30 seconds. You want a timer that only allows this option after a certain extend of time has passed? Not good.


Well… not if the whole team have 2 strikes…


There’s always a possibility. Nothing is completely guaranteed, but there is a point where we just allow defeat.


won several games in this exact situation. Makes it much more climatic, and we wouldnt have had the majority of epic games we’ve had, if this was in effect.



You just need to put a space before the #.


Never happened shhhh :heart_exclamation:


You’re telling that to the guy who calls people out for edits they do literally seconds after they make a post.


Some good points being made in this thread!


I would support this only in casual games. Cause everyone hates trying to do their best to hold their role/teammates down. Only to spend the entire match watching teammates go down to wildlife. Knowing that you have NO chance at the relay or at any point in the game with an AFK Trapper and a medic who is always 100m out with his primary weapon out.

On the flip side it’s also hella annoying to see 4-5 votes to restart in causal because I land in a lobby where I clearly outclass my opponent


It becomes an epic match of, how long can you survive until the timer goes down :wink:

Be smart, keep the support alive, spread out around the relay so the Monster has to waste precious looking for each individual, and so on. It’s definitely annoying for the Monster, then again, what else do you got to lose?


But why draw out the game like that when you can just end it?


Because it makes the difference between a win or a loss. When all Hunters have strikes, but there is only two minutes left on the timer, why not go for it instead of “I Quit”.