I would really like it if Evolve allowed Private Matches


Hey guys, I just wanted to give an idea that I hope could be implemented into Evolve. I played the Big alpha and I thought it was amazing, except one thing. My friends and I all had gotten the codes and had planned on playing together. Only to find out that we either couldn’t get into each other’s parties, or couldn’t all play at the same time (most of the time it ended up crashing on the Xbox One). So, I really hope you guys could add a private match of sorts to Evolve. I imagine it would work like being in a lobby in matchmaking, but depending on people’s preferred class would determine the class of the human players in the lobby. Also, allow maybe tweaks players could make to the game (perhaps handicaps,amount of wildlife,health of classes, etc.) I believe that private matches would be a good touch on Turtle Rock Studio’s almost perfect game, Evolve.


Private matches will be available with the full game. They’re not included as part of the beta.


Thanks a lot!