I would love more conversations involving 3 or 4 hunters


All of the conversations we have are with 2 hunters…
I know there is like one or two with 3 hunters but thats it



There are conversations involving all 4 hunters.

For example, there is one where Cabot starts asking everyone if they’re ready and they all reply. But yeah, it would be awesome to see more :slightly_smiling:


but thats really… um, nothing :frowning:

Just a person asking if they are ready, no story, no funny moments…


Yeah, it would be nice to see that kind of conversation.


thats what makes Evolve Cool, is the interaction between other hunters


the cooking/dinner conversation


Reason I can think of that might be why they have shied away from more conversations with 3 or 4 people.

1.The time allotted for conversations in the first dropship isn’t that significant. Having a 4 way conversation that amounts to more than pleasantries in that time might be difficult.

  1. One on one conversations allow for more depth and character building given the short time frame they take place in.

  2. I couldn’t think of any more things, and realized that 2 items weren’t enough to justify a list, but i’m too lazy to go back and change the format in which I was writing this, so there.


Maybe ask @Matthew if there is any particular reason there aren’t more fatal 4 way conversations.


I would like that too but there’s this interesting problem that arises once you have 3- or 4-hunter convos sitting in the mix with 2-hunter convos.

Let’s say you have Caira and Cabot and Lennox and Abe in a group.

The Cabot-Caira convo counts as a Cabot convo and a Caira convo.

But the Caira-Cabot-Lennox-Abe convo counts as a Cabot and a Caira convo AND a Lennox AND an Abe convo.

So, in our system, that 4 person convo would play a LOT, a lot more than any of the two-character convos. You could actually model this with 4-sided dice. The Caira die would have Caira-Cabot on one facing, Caira-Abe on another, Caira-Lennox, and Caira-Cabot-Lennox-Abe.

Abe’s die would have the Caira-Abe convo, but it would not have Caira-Lennox or Caira-Cabot, it would have the Abe-Lennox convo and the Abe-Cabot convo. AND the Caira-Cabot-Lennox-Abe convo.

So when you roll those four dice you would OFTEN get the Caira-Cabot-Lennox-Abe convo on at least one die, meaning it’s going to play a LOT.

This actually happened. We had these Mad-Lib convos one of the guys at 2K wrote sort of at the last minute when it started to be obvious that Dropship Convos were going to be a big deal and we didn’t have any. He wrote these conversations where three characters would talk, but the fourth character wasn’t fixed, it was by class. So for instance you’d have…

Cabot talks
Caira talks
The assault talks
Bucket talks.

And it didn’t matter which assault you had, that character would have their own unique line.

At the time it was considered a cheap way to add a lot of conversations. Technically there are 4 different ways that one convo can play.

But in reality, the fact that ALL the assaults had to talk in that convo meant the convo couldn’t be that interesting. It didn’t matter what the sentiment being expressed was, the assault’s line had to make sense.

So those conversations tended to lack teeth. They were about cooking, for instance. Nothing wrong with that, but you didn’t feel like you were hearing four different conversations about cooking. And would you want four different conversations about cooking?

And they also had this weird property where they played all the time and we could not figure out why. We put them in the game because, even though they weren’t the sexiest convos, there wasn’t anything wrong with them. But once you heard them 3 out or 4 times. . .they became bad! No convo is good when you hear it every time hey maggie where’d you get a trapjawkg&^%f…

It took a LOT of digging to find out what the hell was happening. The system was designed to randomly select conversations, OBVIOUSLY this was not random, what the hell?

Finally, after weeks of hammering on this, our audio coder realized “Hang on. Hang on. The system IS working. It IS random. But the system picks convos based on who’s in the dropship. So if there’s a 4 hunter convo, it will end up being in four different character’s pools.”

Sure enough, that’s exactly what was happening. Originally, I said “the dropship convos will be between two characters,” for reasons that will become obvious. The system handled that great. These 4 person convos came on at the last minute and screwed everything up.

It’s easy to fix, now. But when I was originally asked about writing more 4 hunter combos I was like “Guys, the number of 2-hunter combos in our game is 90. 90 different unique pairs.”

The number of unique instantiations of 5 characters in 4 classes is 625. Now imagine you have a team comp you like, you play those four hunters a lot, do you want to hear the same convo? No! Even three variations means I gotta write almost 1,900 conversations to cover all the bases!

Turtle Rock got one writer, me. :smiley: I ain’t writing 1900 4-hunter convos! That’s why I originally said “convos are 2-person.”

Now, obviously that’s the most extreme example. If we go back in the studio with the actors, I will probably start writing some 4 hunter covos and work with the code guys to make sure they don’t take over the dialog pool. But this serves as an explanation for why the default is 2-hunter convos.


Got to keep you busy :wink:



Hopefully it’s just as simple as collating the potential results of each hunter pool, and then removing duplicates before randomising, because it’d be cool to see the potential for more 3 or 4 hunter conversations uninhibited by code restrictions! :smiley:


Didn’t know you were the only writer.

Anyhow, I assumed the reason there wasn’t much lore in 4 character conversations was because so much of the community wouldn’t hear it for so long. Like, getting the same 4 non-meta Hunters often enough for it to work seemed rare.


What Bullshit


I understand, even with that amazing Essay :slightly_smiling:

1900 is a bad number, its doable


I figured that the excessive number of potential hunter combinations was the obvious reason we didn’t have very many 3+ conversions. What I would like to see though is maybe 10 or 15 combinations of 3 and 4 hunters that have one or two conversations that are thrown into the conversation pool. That way they wouldn’t be something you would hear super often, but occasionally you’d run into a comp that had a group conversation and it would be neat to hear.


Hi,sorry to bother you,but if 1900 is too much,how about write each tier conversation,that would be only 5 of them
K bye ty


There’s one I heard between Abe, Parnell, Caira, and Cabot that I heard once. I loved it.


very nice then,i would love some alternative converstation from adaptation (like Mad Maz with Hyde)


How you know youre a D&D nerd: You think in dungeon dice.

Side note: I need tetrahedral evolve dice. Would make picking my class so much easier.


Sorry, but adaptation’s aren’t canon. This means that they won’t have any new conversations their predecessors didn’t.


well don’t that take the biscuit


Yeah, I quite recently figured the “one character + one character + one classe” system.
It was when Markov (I guess) asked to Laz why he didn’t bring colonists to life. And there, the trapper says something.
(absolutely love when it’s Abe’s line by the way !)

Anyway, I have a question @Matthew, where are the one-character conversations ?
Sure, they were for a lot just a “Let’s go” or something…

BUT, true people will always remember the one where Bucket downloaded a hunt trumpet signal !.. x’)
He even makes a noise by “clearing its throat” before it, which is hilarious considering he’s a robot…