I would like to suggest this to keep the game going and exciting


I want to propose an idea of 1 new monster and 1 new hunter every months or somthing similiar to this idea. Since i believe it will create excitement for ppl to keep up with the news and the game, and hence it will keep ppl to stick around for the new playstyle and challanges. I really think this idea could prevent the repition loop of same hero and monster every time.


Yeah, more characters will always be exciting. There is a new version of Griffin coming out in the next couple of weeks!


I believe that 2k always does a great job designing new and exciting monster/ hunter which will fit our playstyle.


Not so often please this is not warframe god !


Monsters will definitely take more time because of how complex they are and with the exception of adaptations how different they play i’m all for more but in this case i’d prefer quality over quantity.


Actually TRS creates all of the characters.

And 2k sucks.


new characters take time to make,its better to have more adaptions every month since they´re easier to do and could be a lot of things


Do adaptations work for you here?


I think adaptation is good, but i think time to time there should be a new line of character also so its not repetitive


Of course they would want to make as many characters as possible but making them ain’t easy y’know


Is this game still reaching 40k+ players or has it already started to dwindle ?