I would like to hear conversations between same class hunters


I was thinking they should do something so we can hear the same classes talk to each other like slim and emet and the more we hear the more lore we get that would be great


I’ve wanted this too, Val and Slim would be cool.


Corrected title for grammar and clarity.

Sounds like a good idea but how would they implement it?


Cabot: "You guys wanna fight the new Kraken adaptation?"
Other supports: activate cloak
Cabot: -_-


I believe this has been discussed before. although it would be enjoyed, @Matthew has not written anything involving it


I’m really dying to see Lennox talk to Hyde.


Speaking of Hyde I had Maggie and Hyde talk about the idea of putting a Flamethrower on Daisy and Maggie saying “No.” on the matter.

Plot twist: Daisy was wearing the Flamethrower at the time of the conversation

I felt like that one guy that lifts up his finger to say something but I was just like “Uh… hmm… yeah nevermind.”


here you go


Yeah that was pretty much me when they were talking about it…


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