I would Like a Mode where random wildlife and Monsters rushed a single generator with no class restrictions ! Ex:4 TRAPPERS etc


It be cool if you could have multiple same classes and Maybe 6 players for a Wave mode.


4 Torvalds.

Like Michael Bay made a game…


That was actually funny lol


It won’t be funny when you see an explosion every two and a half seconds because MICHAEL BAY MADE A VIDEO GAME AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH.


For every same Class there should be a health handicap , like when you die. So the second Torvald has one white tab and so on


2 Cabots and 2 Torvalds… just salt the earth.


Yes, but then you have to wonder if the Amp stacks. How would two Amps work? 2x, 4x, what?


Remember it be a wave of enemies !! 2 krakens one goliath and a wraith with a army of tyrants !? Wave by wave getting harder ? I dont know lol


Hmm some monsters would get elemental resistance after awhile , thats how i would counter it if i was the programer.


Now that im buzzed on insomnia im really thinking about it and a map editor would also be great for the custom game version of this hypothetical game mode with turret placements etc…


i’d say they would stack because a amp plus targets or headshots stack. but im wondering how the drain would work.


Hmm…I think it would drain both Amps at once…So probably give them reload speed for that.


yeah id see that… then maybe a laz 1 torvold and 2 cabots spread out the damage amps while one reloads

or maybe sunny, laz, torvold, cabot? dream team?


I think two Cabots would be better off Amping one at a time. So there’s always an Amp up and always someone Railcannoning.


yeah i think reload would be the best for the cabots no matter what.


I use Quick Switch now, but for two Cabots yes, reload.


Hank+Sunny+Hyde+Val ??


Just have them all power hyde up like a Ssj God lol


or maybe if there is like a massive health and armor behemoth with like damage reduction thats leading the charge. then both would go on the same target. but on normal fodder you would just use switch.


Yeah. I love QS now because it lets me Amp more liberally with normal Assaults. Otherwise you have to be very good at judging opportunities to Amp or you’ll forsake Railcannon DPS for nothing.