I would have won the match (please fix this)

first off I HATE PLAYING AS THE MONSTER, but this game does it to me almost every other game. monster is set as what i want to play as least aka number 5.

i was just in a match, STUCK playing as the monster YET AGAIN. i was doing pretty good though, i managed to avoid and outrun the humans till i hit level 3 with minimal damage to only my armor…no damage at all to my health.

i hit level 3, and i max out my armor, but everyone left

game said something about the lobby

next thing i know it takes me to a whole new game, without letting me finish that one

and YES, it put me as the monster again, so i just left.

i think that should automatically count as a win, or the game should continue with bots, like single player.

all the hard work for nothing, no experience points or leveling up. and i hate playing as the monster, so i feel like i should have been able to get my EXP and my WIN.

so hopefully TRS can figure something better for this situation in the future.


I agree that sucks. Did they all leave because they couldn’t do damage to you or because you just fled till Stage 3? I know a lot of Hunters who just leave because if the Monster won’t fight they don’t want to waste time.

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Yeah i really hate IT im a monster Main ( Behemoth ) and Most time i destroy the Power relay all hunters rageguit and i Dont Get My Win -.- i hope TRS will fix it any time

I have it on good authority that TRS is working on a way to discourage dc’ers. No clue what it is, but they have a pretty good sense of humor, so I imagine it’ll be unpleasant for poor sports. It could be anything from a longer matchmaking delay to a timed lockout, though the latter’s unlikely because putting what few players we have in timeout won’t help the game.

Maybe your platform of choice will shoot salt into your eyes and then drink your tears, before quietly telling you it’s not mad, just disappointed.

I think if you rage quit, your next five games should be against a Kraken.

Oh yeah. Make em cry.


i think that’s why they left, i had just hit level 3, after avoiding them most of the match, and i had just finished eating the last wildlife to max my armor. during this time a couple people had already disconnected, the last 1 or 2 disconnected right after i filled my armor.

You should have just made a couple engagements before hitting stage 3. If benefits you as much as it does them.

But I agree, it should finish the round as if it was a win. And you should get the xp or whatever.

Even more annoying is when the hunters rage quit on the end of the day five evac, and your entire sweep exp was for nothing. You should be given your evac bonus exp per day, rather than all at once at the end.


I really do wish that it would have bots take over all the open spots. This way you could finish your match and players could be added to the game instead of waiting thru another loading screen.

yes, this would be the perfect solution. after everyone leaves just bots take over, and players can drop in and drop out as the game continues. would be much better.

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I once played monster against a premade that quit because I would vote to restart. All left and ended the match.

Yup. i do agree . This sucks. especially pre made 4 hunters quit the game and left you alone.
It should count as a lose automatically, but sadly… not.

TRS should fix this.

Doesn’t quitting a game in progress already add a loss to your stats? Not that, that means much, but I thought that was added in a while ago.

Why should he place himself at disadvantage? To please that assholes?

They should have been punished for what they did. Or atleast monster sould have been rewarded.

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Maybe if everyone quits the last person left could just get an automatic win? Idk

So, engagements before stage 3 put you at a disadvantage? If you hit stage 3 without getting strikes on the hunters and then fight at the relay, it’s not an automatic win for the monster.

And for him to say, “I would’ve won the match”. Is an opinion. It’s possible that he could’ve lost that match.

Send them to the Mammoth Bird spawn caves.
Too cruel?

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