I would also want to suggest somthing for Hunters


Since monster can evove throughout the stages of the game. I also think hunters should be having some kind of reenforcement armor or gear drop down from the drop ship at certain amout of time so u can make the game longer and more complex


Shield that Supports give or Healing that Medics give

Kind of like Albino Wildlife right?


Yes that i totally agree… that would be so cool


I think it adds complexity because it’s not exactly a win-win situation for the hunter. Especially if the cargo drops far away from the monster.The hunters risk losing the monster to get a buff or they chase the monster but miss out on a nice upgrade


If they make it a Superior Perk like:

Air Drop: “Dropship arrives every 3 minutes to drop a buff to Armor, Weapons, Shielding, or Health Regeneration.”

And the buffs are like “x2” multipliers.
Since the matches now are just 10 - 12 minutes long then you don’t see too many drops and as a Perk, whoever uses it is sacrificing one of 3 perk slots for it.

Could be interesting.


Hunters stay the same power level and Monsters progress. That’s kinda the whole schtick of Evolve right next to the 4v1 aspect.