I won't be on as much


I am saddened to say that I won’t be on as much. Today while texting my girlfriend and taking a relaxation bath, my phone slipped and the bottom of it fell in the tub. It seemed fine until it died.

Since then it has fried two of my chargers (via water inside of the charge port) and now will not charge at all, no matter what charger I use. My phone is my main source for accessing the forums, and unless my phone pulls a speedy recovery somehow, I probably won’t be on here as much. This isn’t a goodbye thread, this is me explaining that my time on here will probably be extremely limited, but I’m not leaving the forums or abandoning Evolve, or any of you for that matter.

Incase you’re wondering how I’m typing this, my dad let me use his PC real quick.



Alright, hopefully it’ll get better or else you’ll have to buy a new one.


You can’t just buy a girlfriend, Katt. Jeez. (I don’t feel the Kappa was implied enough here, so kappa)

On topic, just put it in a bowl of rice with the back off and battery out. Should be good in around a couple days. Much better than having to pay monies for a new phone.


Aw, too bad man, although, you really shouldn’t be bathing and texting at the same time. not the best idear.


Put your phone in a bowl of rice. The rice will absorb the water, I’ve saved two phones this way. Hope it helps!!!


Dry rice, obviously. It actually helps a ton. If it’s to fried there’s not much it can do, but it may save it.



I hadn’t seen your comment, master ninja. XD


For future reference, stick your phone in silica or rice if you have it. If your phone got wet you should never plug it in until you are certain it’s completely dry. See you around, Rapt!


thats not how i heard it

[spoiler]I heard that if you put an electronic device in a bowl of rice overnight, techies will sneak in and fix it for you. so if you ever find half eaten hotpockets, and Xena tapes, you know it worked.

there’s a movie reference in there btw… [/spoiler]


I need to see this movie. X’D


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