I wish you best luck TRS

I hope the “Free week” will end up how you planned , meeting your expectations and bringing lot of new players to game

Fingers crossed TRS :blush:


Hope that we can get 10k players !

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idk though, MGSV jsut came out so that may bring it back a little bit but who knows?

Believe, believe, believe…

Let’s hope…there were a lot of good news reports when it was announced and who can turn down a free go at an amazing game??

I will be juggling both over the weekend. I might even have MGS5 beat by then maybe. But the temptation to replay will be strong indeed. That game is amazing.

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nope nothing

atleast on german sites :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe just English language ones then…?

Oh, and I came to this thread thinking it was a sarcastic view!

I really hope this goes well for the game. I’ve been promoting it in social networks and advising people and generally putting info out there, to break the prejudices created by the release buzz.

I’d love more people to give the game a try and learn to love it, there’s a lot to love.

Here’s hoping for the best for Evolve and TRS! :slight_smile:


This made me think of how Gears Of War Ultimate Edition came out. I thought for sure I would be all over it being a gigantic GOW fan.

Evolve has literally been the ONLY game I have played since its release. I keep thinking of trying something else but I am too hooked. Any chance I get I hop on Evolve.

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