I wish we could play monster when in a group


i know we can play the monster when you re with 4 other players, but i wish i could play against my friend when we re two or three, it d be like a rivalry and fun


Just use a custom game. :slight_smile:


playing with bots doesn t make it authethic, and bots are easy to win against


It would help a lot with the matchmaking in the game. I would gladly play monster against my friends rather then some poor chap with it as his 5th choice. Really silly you can’t even fight your friends unless you have EXACTLY four friends on. So dumb. Let us pad in a random when someone has a date night or something.


Yes I would like to mix is up. I usually have 2 other friends on and we always dominate the monster so we end up always fighting an AI monster. Would be nice to mix it up a bit.


I think i read awhile ago the devs said once ranked mode comes out they may change it.


I really hope so, it can be a real killjoy.


At first I was not for it, but if they add a ranked mode I don’t see why we can’t have a mode for this.


This would be a lot of fun. I would very much like to be monster every now and then with a few friends + randoms.

One solution is to go game chat (Xbox), but it is not nearly as good as the party chat imo.

I doubt many people would abuse this, but maybe I have too much faith in people


As long as Skirmish is the only game mode that will automatch you with randoms, I see the point of NOT allowing it. It could create negativity.

Once they get a ranked mode for those who want to try hard and play competitively, they could consider relaxing the skirmish mode and allow monsters from the same party.


I was playing with some randoms on xbox and one guy insisted that I as the monster would stand still and die so they can get that achievement for finishing a match in under 2 minutes 5 seconds… Of course I destroyed them, but then he was the monster and let the hunters kill him. When the next hunter was the monster he did the same. Playing with friends, playing with randoms- abuse or no abuse lets make it happen and EARN your achievements.


I am mad. I stopped playing this game 2 days after launch for this reason

  1. I don’t have enough friends to play full party games
  2. I want to play monster with them
  3. I don’t want to play alone
  4. I can’t recommend this game to my other friends because I stopped playing it because it can’t ever play monster
  5. I don’t care about you reason about “possible exploits” if you let me try to pwn my only other friend as a monster, just desactivate the perks when you are with a friend. I want to play monster with my friend.
  6. I hate you.


God damn it’s so frustrating to want to monster when playing with friends. I don’t want to leave them hanging but I also don’t feel like I satisfied my evolve crave if I couldn’t get any monster matches in.

Especially frustrating when our monsters keep leaving and I’m just clawing for that monster spot for some fun games rather then always fighting bots or midgame joining monsters. It desperatly needs a fix. Monster players have friends too and still make them ingame even playing against people almost exclusivly.

I can find group play so frustrating so often. Please please fix this. Even when we get 5 people together so I can scrim against them as monster the moment one person has to go it’s back to hunter only. It feels like I never get to play monster anymore some days.

@SlabOMeat @MacMan Is there any chance at all for this policy to change? Pretty pretty please with a bunch of delicious striders and cupcakes on top?

-Edited for clarity.


Latest patch brought back the ‘round robin’ option (5 friends get into a game and take turns as the monster), so you should be able to do so in custom matches.


I’m the only one of my friends that really plays monster so it’s not much of a concern for me. Normally if we have 5 it’s me vs them every time except occasionally when shark wants to get a round or two in. Getting 5 is not always possible though.

I put a lot of work in that post… Sadly you didn’t actually read it.


Agreed, my favorite aspect of this game is getting to play the big monster and yet everytime a friend is on, I have to play hunters only pretty much.


I just can’t understand why they wont allow us to play against friends. I enjoy playing both sides but monster is my favorite. Yet when my friends are online we can never play against each other because there is usually 4 of us. So we just play against some random monster. And playing custom with stupid bot filling open slots is not even close to real deal.
Their reasoning is that premade on both sides = can cheat. Yet at the same time so many players just leave and don’t get lost and cheat their way up leaverboards that way. That is fine? But having some fun against friends is not? I just don’t get it.
PLEASE let us play monster when in group! And don’t you dare mention you can do it in custom. That is option ONLY when you have 4 friends online and that is not always the case for most of us.




Replying just to show support for matchmaking monsters with a group less than 5.

I constantly have small groups of 2 or 3 playing online and we are stuck playing hunters or with bots. Let us rotate in. This would be good for the solo players as well since they won’t have to be monster every round.

If we are going with a lobby setup instead of a fresh match made game after each round, it makes sense to have the lobby interact. There is less animosity between hunters and monster if they are teammates after each round. Share the monster!


Its idiotic how we arent even able to switch with someone for monster role. People leave when they get monster most of the time anyway and my friend wants to actually play it and he is not able to switch to it. It sucks, its countering the fun, fix it.

ps: i swear to god dont even try to use the “oh but the leaderboards :(((” nobody cares about the leaderboards its filled with hackers and leavers and tryhards noone looks at the leaderboards, but if youre sooo worried about wintrading then make ranked play and casual play modes. Just let us play monster with friends please