I wish Slim wasn't a Medic


Because having Slim and Lazarus on the same team would be a downright amazing buff to Laz. You can actually be stealthy now, instead of fluttering around with your jetpack after one revive, waiting for your cloak to recharge. And no more trying to be as stealthy as possible, just for the Monster to see your health bar and go focus you down.

Right now smell and health bars are probably Laz’s biggest counter in the middle of combat. The monsters bound to find you with these two things, but Slim can take them away. I’m already fantasizing of the epic clutch moments. If there was a support, assault, or trapper with the ability to take away the monsters ability to smell and see health bars, like slim, do you think it would make Laz viable, when he’s teamed up with one of them?


You do realize that the only thing that would carry over if slim wasn’t a medic is the spore cloud grenades?


I think Lazarus will never be viable for this one reason: You can burst the trapper down so easilly. Like really easy. If you pick Lazarus you are almost garuanteed to fight a stage three monster with full health.


I agree that it would be nice to have an ability like that in a Laz team, but I don’t think any hunter should depend on the presence of another hunter to be viable.

Laz just needs adjustments.


You didn’t read.


I think it would be cool of Cabot and Bucket could be on the same team, they would have quality banter.


I did, he mentioned both smell and health bars as if they were different aspects of what he was talking about. One could conclude from the removal of smell that health bars wouldn’t show up for the monster and make it seem like extra information to show up in his post. Or one could conclude that he thought that some aspect of Slim’s healing would make it in too so that you wouldn’t have to worry about Lazaurus’s lack of healing. Regardless, Slim is not just one ability. He is the sum of his parts. Healing is a major part of slim and when you remove it you only have a subpar shotgun and the spore cloud grenades. A non medic Slim isn’t Slim.


I wish we could have a team of 4 Lazarus



jsut say of 4 lazarus men