I wish Evolve would have more events D:


I want skins so I can look o-some but It would also encourage players to play more and more Evolve. Plus I need to catch up cuz i missed out on Griffin :frowning:


I like events, events are awsome. They could even do some that are just badge unlocks and I’d still love em.


I have the feeling a LOT more are coming. We have already seen secret skins for medic and assault so I deduce that they will be for medic and assault challenges respectively.


SECRET SKINSSS :open_mouth: tell me mooreeeeee


I am 99% sure we will have alot more events including a ton of holiday events or just events to keep the game different or do things like what Gears of War does/ did and make a play list for a weekend that changes things up like maybe unlimited Jetpack or 50% Movement Speed for everything or Monster starts at Level 3 but takes double damage or is 25% slower crazy stuff like that and Skins would not hurt or badges because we are all working for a goal with the murder X amount of this as this class.


Soon my friends! :smiley:


Everyone gets the trapper skins when they come out.


Pretty sure it’s only for participants.


if you have to many to often they might not be as special


Everyone that played during the Trapper weekend, regardless if they played Griffin or not, as long as they have a My2K account linked will get the Trapper Predator skins.


I’m sure there will be more. We had two really close together, odds are there will be many more.


@SledgePainter is probably referring to the unannounced skins we have seen in the Evolve streams. :wink:


If there isn’t a Lazarus revivification challenge at Easter I will be questioning the credibility of this entire organisation.


Are you sure about the My2k thing? I don’t have a My2k account and I got the gold skins…


…wow, well, I dunno then. Are YOU sure you don’t have a My2K account linked? I am fully under the impression that you HAD to have the My2K linked up…then again, maybe that was due to Hunters Quest app being stuck in my brain.


I can safely say I never hooked up a My2k account to my XBox One version of Evolve.


The, I dunno. Glad you got the skins!


So odd…because there were people who said they DID have an account and had it linked and did not get the skins.


Could you tell me more about these secret skins???


They were used in one of the live streams. I don’t have a picture handy though. They did look pretty sweet!