I wish class preferences were weighted by performance


I don’t know what criteria would be used exactly. Maybe someone’s score as that class compared to someone else who has that class as their preference. That way the person who’s a kick ass medic can get that class and help the team as opposed to the guy who only plays Laz because he has a semi auto sniper.


but then how would you raise that score?


For that game you wouldn’t. You’d raise the score of a different class. Then the next game you join into it’s quite possible that guy would be a worse whatever than you and you’d take over the class.

That way if you are a good support you’ll have a higher score than the guy who only uses the rail gun instead of any of his other tools. And if there’s a specific class you want to be when you do get the chance to be that class you’ll have to play it better to raise your score instead of totally ignoring your shield and orbital drop as Hank because you just like how the laser cutter looks.


but then what if i wanted to main medic but val is not my character i like to play. by the time i unlock the others somehow. my performance meter will be so low that ill never get medic.


It’d go by most used character. Even if you don’t like Val you have to use her a while to get Laz. And every class has 3 unique awards they can earn. For example for Val it’s healing 3500 health with the medgun, shooting the monster 3 times with the tranq, shooting the monster 4 times with the sniper and every medic has the one to heal 2 hunters with the healing burst.

So in order to earn those it means you’re actively using all of that characters abilities. If you’ve got 50 of the sniper ones and only 3 for the medgun and healing burst and none of the tranq that would obviously rank you lower than someone who’s got say an even 10 in all of them. You might be sniping more but as the team healer you’re not helping, that guy is. That way even if someone has just played more, unless they’re helping the team by doing everything they can someone who plays less but is more helpful will take over.

So going back to your example if you’re good as Val and consistently tranq/heal/snipe better than the other guy does with Caira, even if he’s played twice as much you’ll be the medic. That way you have the incentive to use the tranq or sniper when needed, but if those are all you use it ranks you lower than the guy who can use those AND heal.


i get that. what im trying to explain is that if i am good with caira but im absolute trash at val and laz. then by the time i do somehow unlock caira (low performance matchmaking maybe?) i will never be a medic again because my assault, support or trapper performance rates are much much higher, higher than others. you get what i mean?


yeah once ure high at one class u would never get the other ones.


You’re forgetting about the preference thing too. Your assault score might be through the roof but if you put medic 1st and assault last it’ll make the guy who has assault 1st the assault guy.

Even with how it is right now, if you have medic first you don’t always get to be medic. I’m not 100% sure how it works now but I think it’s just whoever joins the room first gets their choice. So because you pressed A just a little slower you get to deal with the guy who never heals you.


ohhh. you should put that in the OP. i thot you wanted to rid of the preference mode. that make sense but you still will not get your prefered role if you struggle with certain tiers of hunters.

its pre assigned. there is no button pressing. but u can press back and they will see you are selecting class. if they do it as well you can take the spot


You don’t get your preferred role now half the time, at least that’s what I’ve noticed. Most games I try to join I get put in mid match so I take over a bot. Then when the match ends and we go to the lobby unless the player in the class I want to be leaves or changes he stays whatever he was and I stay whatever the bot was.

Even if I find a just starting lobby, if me and Bob both have medic as our first choice how does it decide who gets to do it? I’m sure Bob feels even though he’s struggling to get used to Laz and figure out how to use him that he should get to do it, but I’m willing to bet the other 75% of the team would rather have a medic who can keep the team healed and alive.

So how do we decide what’s fair? Do we go with being more fair to Bob because he wants to keep playing medic and leveling the class up, or do we go with giving the role to the better medic and being more fair to the other 3 hunters so they don’t have a medic who thinks they’re Rambo?


if you guys have medic as number 1 preference. then you SHOULD take turns each match. im sure it doesnt always work out like that but for me at least it seems to work pretty good and my pref’s are #2 cuz monster is #1


You are aware this is a competitive game, yes? In a custom game with your friends by all means take turns and do as much silly stuff as you like. But the point of competition is to compete, if you’re not trying to win then you’re trying to lose.

Unless you’d like to explain how a trapper who refuses to use a dome and the medic who runs past injured teammates makes the game more fun.


Can’t get better if you can’t ever get the class.


i dont think you get what im saying. if you and i have medic as 1st preference. and no one else does. then we should alternate games whether u want to or not. thats how it works. if 5 ppl join a lobby with medic as their #1 pref. then it rotates between 5 people.


Okay, why should we? If you’re a better medic and you’re better able to see where the monster is going and know just where you need to be to heal the specific player and still put weak points down, why would you want the next match to have a medic who doesn’t touch the medgun at any point?

Yes, for that match maybe I won’t get to be medic. So if I want to be the medic more often it means I need to step up my game when it lets me have the class so I can be the best medic and get it more often. There’s thousands of people playing. You might be better and I won’t get to be medic playing with you, someone else will be worse and I’ll get to be medic playing with them.

Or maybe we should just skip the class selection all together and as soon as you turn on the game you get a “You win, special snowflake!” screen. That way nobody has to feel bad because they didn’t get the class they want and they can win every time.