I will singlehandedly fix the matchmaking!


You only need two additions to satisfy everyone.

1.) A “join running games?” Checkbox

2.) A seperate field, where we can pull the classes over, which we absolutely do not want to play.

People aren’t that stupid as you might think. My guess is they KNOW that checking these options would make for longer waiting times but they would simply GET WHAT THEY WANT.


Server browser…

Imagine that.

Being able to find a game where your character slot is free, running game or in lobby etc…


Also lots of downsides, and would obviously throw the matchmaking system completely out the window…


Good, you can start coding the thing right away.


I am not saying this could not be an option, but you need to consider the downsides.

  1. Most people will have this deactivated. And because of that, if someone disconnects less people will join your game and you have to play with bots more. And because of that, the people who have this activate will put more often in running games

  2. I guess this will worker better among the hunter selection. As there seems less players who want to play monster, it will result in longer wait time as you stated. But this also increases the wait time of all players and not just your own.

But i can imagine this downsides are the lesser evil. People just disconecting is’nt fun either.

edit: If you play with a team of 4 hunters i would be totally fine to have an option to only choose players who wants to play monster

  1. Punish quitters a little heavier. Low priority queue kind of thing perhaps?

  2. Agreed.

I think the matchmaking needs a little more than these 2. It needs to be smarter at matching people against their own skill level rather than just mastery level. However, working on these 2 is an excellent starting point.


well, I hope the people who don’t care now won’t tick the box and will still join running games, if given the option.

The ones who DO care are the ones who instantly leave when they don’t get what they want.

Overall, it could stay the same. Damn, without the leavers it may even shorten the wait until an actual player comes along who stays -.-


Low priority queue made me chuckle… With a player Base of approximately 10 that makes no sense.


The thing is this game is played on 3 p[latforms? right. So it takes 3 times more time to implement something. Keep that in mind.


Thats not necessarly true. I think most of the same code is used for all three platforms. Algorithms and gamemechanic stuff will most likely be the same code. Only technology related stuff will be different. But i can imagine that you are forced to use xbox matchmaking services and therefore it is different than pc matchmaking.

But there are some things, that can delay a patch. On the consoles you have to go through a certification process for a patch and if you want to patch on the same date, you have to delay the PC patch until the certification is finished.


Yea, I know… but there is not much merit in matchmaking at all in the first place if there are 10 people playing. so… just assume otherwise for the sake of discussion.