I will not buy this game for 60$


This is a great game however from what I experienced it is not worth 60$, the content and estimated lifespan it has is far too feeble to be worth 60$. This 60$ wont even cover the upcoming expansions so all in all you pay 60$ for roughly 60hours and that’s including the massive grind to get the unlocks.

Personally I’ll wait a month or 2 until it goes on a sale and grab it for 30-40$ Max.

Edit: I did include and consider the upcoming third monster in my estimations and opinion.


Keep in mind this was alpha there is a lot more content and gamemodes and the servers will be better too. The full game will be so much better


What else will there be other than a third monster and more grind?


The biggest problem of alpha is people thinking this is it. This is not it. This is only a small chunk of the game. 1 game mode. 2 characters per class. 4 maps. and 0 customization options for the game.

You making this comment is like myself saying I would not have bought battlefield 3 from the beta because I only got to play Metro on the rush game mode with only 2 teams. Of course there will be more content.

And honestly, judging from the L4D series, I’m expecting a lot of free content. L4D2 added all the old L4D campaigns for free and added the whole mutators for free and gave us a lot of bonus campaigns for free.


-A total of 12 maps, one new biodome/Environment with new hazards, wildlife and other unique traits. After that, more maps FOR FREE.

-4 more hunters, one for each class. After that, new hunters as DLC (probably).

-1 new monster, more monster after that as DLC (you’'ll get the first DLC monster for free as soon as it’s out when you pre-order)

-Several new game modes, probably all playable on those 12 maps.

Not to mention that you don’t HAVE to pay for DLC. If you are a monster player, you don’t have to buy the hunter DLC’s to fight them. Your game experience is thus even larger for free.


That’s pretty cool that we still get to play with DLC characters and experience them that way. So that allows purchasable DLC characters and keeps the maps free so everyone can join every game. Interesting…


Yep, they specifically said that they don’t want to seperate the community. So even with if you have the vanilla game, you’ll always be able to play with (or against) people who have bought all the DLC’s.


That’s more than your average AAA game, Loads of $60 AAA give you more around 15-20 hours of gameplay.


Yeah, I have 35 games on steam with at least 50 hours and 80%+ are AAA games. Amount of time on videogames is also completely subjective to each person’s life, so it’s not really a good judge.


Gamemodes abilities characters monsters maps weapons creatures etc


$1 an hour is a great deal in my book! Obviously this is just a personal opinion, but that’s cheaper than a night at a bar. Plus I don’t have a hangover in the morning. :smile:

I’d keep an eye on the game and see what’s confirmed for release. If it doesn’t look like enough content, wait for a sale. No reason to rush out to get a game if you don’t think it’ll be worth the price.


Jesus, I wish every game gave me $1 for an hour of quality gameplay. Lol.


Would not pay $1 per hour of entertainment? I don’t get where these assumptions about shelf life are coming from.


i have played about 20 hours of this ALPHA and i can’t wait for the open Beta in December to try even more content before i buy the game in February, cos if what i have experienced so far is only the tip of the iceberg, i can’t wait to meet the real monster!


I´d pay that just to keep playing a regularly updated alpha built until release… :wink:


Even though it’s Alpha, it’s been entirely playable for me, I reckon I’ve probably had about 8-10 hours in game, and technically haven’t paid anything yet


I have played roughly 80-100 hours of this game including all Alpha’s plus public events…

If I paid 60 dollars that’s like a dollar per hour of entertainment.

And I haven’t even played the 3rd tier yet!


People are really to demanding. If you look back at the l4d game, it lacked much less content than evolve. Evolve goes much deeper in gameplay aswell, now add skins and perks etc, it just makes it much more interesting. It’s going to have plenty of content.


They have until February to add content and polish the game


January actually i think