I will no longer play against Sunny: drone position abuse is ridiculous


The most absurd thing about T4 is where Sunny can place her shield drone - and how you cant get to it as a monster. Whether it is by stacking the drone to an unreachable height or abusing geometry to stick it someplace unreachable/un-climbable, you can’t do much to hunters if you can’t hit them a majority of the time. Aside from stacking instances, so far I’ve seen the drone placed on unreachable geometry at the Barracks and Refueling Tower relay geometry, and I’m not looking forward to seeing where else people can find to place these things. Even if stacking is patched out, how am I to look forward to all the places a drone could possibly be placed?


Simple fix; Drone can not be placed while flying. This would mean it can only deploy where Sunny is walking.


clever use of game mechanics my friend.


In most of the case,it will wast one of my skill to kill it.